17 Airports across the World Which Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Jet travelling forms an important part of any travel expedition. Travel is all about comfort, glamour, affordability as well as traveling speedily. Apart from traveling, you can also get involved in exchanging of foreign money along with eating in various expensive restaurants. Now that is certainly all included as a part of the journey. But the journey begins with airports along with huge terminals and checkpoints. Now if the whole process of flying is often reduced to tedious chore, if you have to deal with bad airports staff, complaining professionals.

Well flying can be an exclusive enchanting experience as some destinations can surely fill you with the thrill as well as the beauty of flying. Here are top seventeen airports all across the globe which will surely astound you. These airports will surely fill you with curiosity as well as the spark which will make the experience not be forgotten.

1. Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin

Juliana Airport_Saint Martin

The airport which will surely offer you the much needed adrenaline rush is the Princess Juliana Airport. This one is situated right on the Dutch side of the island. This airport is reputed for its most exciting as well as terrifying landings in the world. All the planes here fly over the populated Maho Beach just a few steps away from the runway.

The airport is so dangerous that while navigating, pilots take care that there are no large semi trucks around the highway while the plane is passing through. There is also a tiny runaway where the planes fly over a low altitude of 7,152 feet. The departure process is much more difficult as the landing strip is navigated right through mountains.

2. Lukia Airport, Nepal

Lukia Airport_Nepal

This airport is also addressed as Tenzing- Hillary Airport and is reputed to be the most dangerous airport in the world. The location of the airport is just where people start their trekking to Khumbu or the base camp of Everest. This is surely one of the busiest airports just during the peak season operating more than 50 flights per day.

This airport is the dangerous one because of its extreme landscape with strip just 2800m right above the sea level with an abrupt drop into the valley of river below.

3. Toncontin International Airport, Honduras

Toncontin Airport_Honduras

Located just 6 km away from city center, is the second most dangerous airport in the whole world namely Toncontin International Airport. The main reason for this being is its close proximity to the mountainous terrain. The runaway is extremely short and is considered the shortest in the world mostly in case of severe storms.

In fact the residents there live in constant fear of low flying planes just over their homes. All these together make it the shortest runways in the world.

4. The Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport Saba Island

Yrausquin Airport Saba Island

This place is located in the remote part of the world and the dream of building an airport here is surely a magnificent work. With the sheer determination of Captain Remy F. de Haenen and the people of Saba, bits of land were cleared to build the airports.
With 1300 feet runaway, this airport is the shortest one in the world. With the surrounding steep cliffs, it becomes difficult for the pilots to see the view before takeoff.

5. The Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan

Kansai International Airport_Japan

This airport is one of the world’s most beautiful airports and is said to have been designed on a particular site that did not exist. It was built on a manmade island measuring just 4 km by 2.5km. This airport can be seen from the space and the longest terminal in the airport with 1.7 km in length.

The airport was so build to withstand the worst weather condition which the world has to offer.

6. The Hajj Terminal, King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah

Hajj Terminal, King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah

Well this airport is made out of a mass of beautifully aligned glass fiber tents making up one of the finest hotels in the whole world. There are 210 white fiberglass tents providing the chimney effect resorting the hot dessert air without any expensive hard to maintain air conditioning systems.

The tent airport has the capability to hold up to 80,000 people and shield them from various elements of the desert. This terminal operates only during the hajj seasons just for six weeks.

7. Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport

This airport is well fitted into the tiny 3.7km square peninsula. The airport runaway is located right across the busiest road of the Peninsula. Both the planes as well as the cars walk the same road here. So the rule is that for every plane take off and landing, cars will have to wait patiently which reoccurs nearly 30 times a week.

8. Svalbard Airport, Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard Airport_Norway

Located in the Norwegian islands in the Arctic Ocean, this is one of the beautiful airports in the Arctic Ocean. Everything out there is ice and constructing the airport is major challenges. Permafrost was effectively used to build the strip and moreover the construction was insulated to lower the temperature than below the ground.

It has the large shed for storing aircrafts with the hangar constructed for freezing pillars of ice. If the climate becomes warmer, then would not be any pool of water.

9. Barra Airport, Barra


This is known as one of the most beautiful landing spot right on the Atlantic Ocean Shores. This is situated in the outer Hebridean Island of Barra. This airport exclusively makes plane landing here breath taking as well as unique. All the planes here land directly in the beach offering a unique experience.

10. Agatti Aerodrome, Lakshadweep, India

Agatti Aerodrome, Lakshadweep_India

This is not an airport but a landing strip coming right out of a beautiful ocean. This airport slash landing strip serves as the only airport for the islands of Lakshadweep.

11. The Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.

Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok_Thailand

From a distance, the airport looks like a normal one but as you get closer, you will notice that the right in the middle of the runaways, there is 18 hole course of golf. The reason behind the golf course is that there were some major problems with taxiways located at the end of runaways. However access to the golf course is stopped due to security reasons.

12. Qamdo Bagda Airport, Qamdo, Tibet

Qamdo Bagda Airport_Qamdo_Tibet

This airport is on high altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level. This airport is known to be the world’s highest airport with a long runaway of 3.5 mile.
People think that long runaway is actually too much. But higher altitudes help in proper safe landing with higher take-off speed.

13. Madeira Airport, Santa Cruz, Portugal

Madeira Airport, Santa Cruz_Portugal

This is surely not those who are faint hearted. In fact experienced pilot will bound to face some troubles while dropping on the runway in the island. This is extremely famous narrow runaways which require pilots to make a sharp turn to make the final landing.

In fact as per records a horrible accident in 1977 occurred in 1977 when a Boeing 727 crashed killing 131 people. After that the runaway was made larger and remodeled.

14. The Kai Tak Airpot, Hong Kong

Kai Tak Airpot, Hong Kong

This Kai Tak Airport was said to have been closed down in the year 1998 because of some dangerous approaches. Planes faced a problem while landing because of the mountains and sky scrapers.

The area around the airport is surrounded by various mountains as well as buildings which made this airport is one of worst airports for landings and take-offs. There is a track 13 which compels aircrafts to make a turn of 90 or even 180 degrees.

15. Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthélemy

Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthélemy

Now landing in Gustaff is an exclusive horrifying experience as it is like being in a nightmare sending shivers down the spine. In fact the landing strip is just like a passage rather than an actual landing stip. The planes come very close to the slopes and may plummet right into the sea by the time they land.  It is more like watching a video game.

16. Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

Well this is something else. Level crossings are usually meant for. Just imagine, right in the middle of the public airport in the runaway, there is the Palmerston North-Gisborne Line of railway route crossing in the middle of the runaway. Hopefully the schedules are cleared out.

17. Congonhas Airport, Brazil


This airport is located in the centre of caos. Located just 5 miles away from the city center, this airport is in the highly populated area near Sao Paulo. Well the work for pilots with difficult landings and takeoffs. The work of the air traffic control is very difficult and safety is big concern.

Well taking off as well as landing in these airports can prove to be a hell of an experience rather visiting many exclusive travel destinations of the world.

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