Adventure Tours of Latin America and Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, West-Indies and Latin America are lands of lush tropical vegetation, sea and sand where you can indulge into a quite adventure tour in the form of walking tours. Tropical paradise as you can say it; there is wealth of natural beauties in the forms of different kinds of flora and fauna- say for ‘blue jeans dart frog’ or the ‘golden-eyed leaf frog’ that shine contrastingly on the backdrop of emerald green rainforest. Spider monkeys swinging through trees, iguanas, quetzals and agoutis are extraordinary members of animal kingdom represented by this part of geography. There are walking tours, sailing and hiking opportunities in Caribbean Islands and adjoining Latin America.

Wild life walking tours in Costa Rica


Most dramatic contrasts of country’s natural landscape are explored in this trip wherein volcanoes, cloud forests, waterfalls, lakes and the magnificent coast of Pacific comprise the itinerary. You may hire local guides for your walking trips. They are experienced guides having thorough knowledge of splendid natural heritage of Costa Rica as well as its flora and fauna.

While you walk through country tracks and forest paths very often than not coatis or agoutis scramble pass before you in particular in Monteverde whereas in Rincon de la Vieja swinging monkeys pass through the branches. You can have wonderful Pacific Ocean view from your balcony with mind blowing views of Lake Arenal; sounds exciting is not it?

While you go for wildlife walking trips you can opt for mountain lodges having tropical gardens and azure blue swimming pools where turquoise green shadows of trees fell in. Lunches are a blend of picnics plus local restaurants and dinners are ready in your hotels.

Main highlights of the journey are Lake Arenal plus the adjoining volcano and Bosque del Mar. While you visit Lake Arenal you may enjoy in the hot spring and have your dinner at Eco Termales after a dip.

Walk through the Islands of Bermuda

Walk through Islands Bermuda

There is nothing better than a walking tour to explore quintessential Bermuda Island that’s a drifting tropical gem on North-Atlantic Ocean. The water here is warm and comfortable because of the temperate Gulf streams. Mainland is formed by 8 largest islands among an archipelago comprising of 181 islands.

Bermuda is one of the oldest British colonies that have lots of historical implications and numerous natural beauties. While you tour in Bermuda you’ll understand why Mark Twain said, ‘You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda’. Diminutive 21-mile stretch of traffic free roadways of Bermuda will be traversed through gentle walks. Kaleidoscopic diversity of colors with flower kissed fields, south shore trails having sun-baked pink sands and here you may opt for a 7 day tour pass to unveil of unlimited bus and ferry service. An incredible tour in an affordable manner, who wants anything else?

French Caribbean walk

Largest islands of erstwhile French colonies are Guadeloupe and Martinique which are places for a relaxed walking or long drive tour. Amazing diversity of terrain that include luxuriant rainforests, plantations of banana and pineapple; dormant volcanoes and palm-shaded sandy beaches all give you a relaxed feeling.

French Caribbean walk

Guadeloupe’s left part is abundant with swathes of tropical forests, thundering waterfalls and thermal pools whereas the right part is comprised of golden sanded beaches and swaying sugarcane fields. In Martinique the sands vary from pristine white to volcanic black; rain forest swept volcanic peaks of Pitons du Carbet look mysterious.

Hiking trip at Nevisian rainforest

trip Nevisian rainforest

If you’re in for adventurous luxury, come and join the hiking trip to Navisian rainforest. St. Nevis is comprised of a dormant volcano and the surrounding glades are comprised of lush greenery. One Russell’s Rest Nature tour takes 3 and half hours trip round the volcano. This nature trip’s guides are very efficient and know the Navisian rainforest inside out. Many herbs and trees are there which have been used for long by locals as medicines.

The trail has 6 waterfalls en route and as you enter deeper into the jungle the size of waterfalls increase. If you’re visiting the place after the rainy season don’t forget to take ropes along the path to avoid slipping.

Sailing trips of Grenada

Idyllic island life is anywhere but here to feel in Grenada and adventurous sail trips in groups would take you to once in a lifetime memories. This island chain is buried inside unspoiled stretches of Caribbean archipelago that describes tranquility at its best. Highlights of the trip are Sandy Island, Union Island, Mayreau, Carriacou, Petite Martinique and Tobago Cays.

Sailing trips Grenada

Latin America and Caribbean islands hold treasure troves for tourists who want to take on an unspoiled nature on the backdrop of warm welcome from residents. It seems that natural simplicity has penetrated into people’s minds and hearts.

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