Booming Adventure Tourism in Morocco

If you are looking for a truly traditional cum rustic cultural curry you cannot but try out Morocco where tradition is spun so smoothly with day to day life that it does not even look out of the place. Do not think that Morocco is about desert and camels only. Several different avenues for adventure trips are there. A brief list of Moroccan adventure trips are as follows:

i) Dirt bikes or buggy rides are extremely popular adventure trips in the rugged parts of Morocco, located at its interiors.

bikes rides_morocco

ii) Hot air balloon rides are available at the outskirts of wealthy city of Marrakech. You can witness the play of shadows on the desert below casted by the sun above.

Hot air balloon ride_morocco

iii) The windy, ancient and walled port town of Essaouira is a hotspot for kite surfing or stand-up-paddling.

kite surfing_morocco

iv) When in Morocco, be like a nomad. Yes, custom camel tours would let you live the life of a Bedouin from close quarters. Experience the changing colors of Saharan sands and stay at tents under the stars at some oasis- just like a line from the great ‘Arabian Nights’.

Arabian Nights_morocco

v) Heard a lot (or some of you might have a firsthand experience too) about surfing on the bumpy and wild sea waves; in Morocco a slightly different kind of board sport is available. Dune boarding down 150 meters high Erg Chebbi sand dunes is a lifetime experience for many.

Chebbi sand_morocco

vi) Moroccan adventure trips would let you feel the country from closest sections. Majority views this country as a rugged and desert region and would wonder when they find rolling river water passing by while creating some turbulent, whirling stretches; suitable for river rafting. Adventure trips for river rafting are available at waterfalls and steep canyons made by N’fiss and Ahansal rivers.

river rafting_morocco

vii) The mighty and steep canyon of Todra Gorge is a trying stretch for even an experienced rock climber. According to French standards 5+ to 8 graded routes are there and it’s a staggering number (of around 150+).

rock climbing_morocco

viii) Tight rope bridges or the suspension walk over a 700 feet gorge on famous Atlas mountains would pump in adrenaline into the hearts of bravest of adventurers; the gorge of Terres d’ Amanar is a popular zipline trip in Morocco.


ix) How about cycling through snowcapped mountains, right beside the Sahara desert? Sounds incredible? But it’s true. Mountain biking opportunities are ample around the valleys and peaks of ‘Toukbal National Park’, below the Sahara. The region is located on high points of the Atlas Mts.

Atlas Mts_morocco

x) Skiing through Jebel Toukbal or nearby Oukaimeden (which is a popular Moroccan ski resort) is next set of amazement. You wonder whether you are at some European hill station. But when you think that actually you are so near of Saharan desert; a prize no less than 8th amazement for you, is not it?

Jebel Toukbal_iceskating_morocco

What’s so fascinating about Moroccan adventure trips?
The country represents incredible outlets for physical challenges as well as myriad of cultural diversities. Camel caravans and Bedouin trips would lift you at some different plain. Sitting under starlit sky before bonfire; listening to drums and instrumental plays of Berber music would take you away from urbanized comfort zone and all its worries and tensions.

Transport system
All the big cities are connected through a rail system and private taxis offer precious services here. In the interior rural areas communal taxis are available.
If you want to hire your private car and have an international driving license then you are most welcome to drive. A curious blend of traditional culture with that of modern scientific achievements is clearly visible as you pass across mule driven carts, mopeds (serving as the whole-family transport) and communal taxis upon well maintained roads.

Transport system_morocco

Where to stay during dune treks?
Dune safaris upon camel backs explore ancient trading routes. You can either book your travel agent from internationally renowned agencies or local ones sanctioned by the Govt. in the city of Marrakech. ‘Kasbah Hotel Porte au Sahara’ is a German owned resort that offers accommodation at traditional desert mood.

dune treks_morocco

Where to stay during trips on Atlas Mountains?
All mountain trails would cross through Berber regions where you can closely view the way of living of indigenous tribes whose houses cling to the cliff sides. 2 days walking treks would take you to Jebel Toubkal, highest peak of North Africa. ‘Hotel Etoile du Toubkal’ not only offers rooms but also ice axes.

Atlas Mountains_morocco

Where to stay during sail boarding?
Essaouira is a laid back sea resort amidst sparsely crowded beaches. This is Morocco’s sail boarding hub. Here you can stay at ‘Les Matins Bleus’ which is located at a stone’s throw from the beaches.

sail boarding_morocco

In spite of being a traditional Islamic state, country’s highest governing body is extremely enthusiastic towards nurturing the prospects of tourism. As a whole the tourism industry is expanding in an exponential rate and adventure tourism is reaping an all encompassing benefit. Come and traverse into its interiors and live the zeal of an explorer.

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