Family Adventure Trips to Kenya

Kenyan safaris are world famous and offer you some of the best views of wild games. But problem is that unlike Tanzanian reserves, they don’t lie within a popular trail and are scattered. To plan an itinerary you need to properly chalk it out; selecting upon the places and things you want to visit and your travel partner.

The Wildebeest Migration in Western Kenya

Western Kenyan safari begins from its capital city of Nairobi. Those who’re wildlife enthusiasts are no strangers with ‘Masai Mara National Reserve’ which is one of the best bets of Africa’s game viewing spots. If Kenya is your next destination then try to plan it out from July to November as this is the period of a spectacular phenomenon called the annual migration. Herds of zebras, gazelles and wildebeests in hundreds move in a clockwise direction to find fresh grazing and drinking resources. In one sentence, this is an epic scale drama and also attracts hosts of predators. Lions, leopards and even crocodiles wait for them at river crossings.


Activities to Do

In addition with visiting the Masai Mara game reserve there is plenty of activities to keep you busy. One such exciting event is watching the Mara River bed which acts as a lifeline of all game reserves. Your next stop can be Mara Naboisho Conservancy is a wonderful setup on the backdrop of pristine nature.

Best Time to Visit

In fact months of August and September witness biggest influx of Wildebeests as around this time they reach in Masai-Mara. Along with Wildebeests other resident animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, hyenas, elands and buffalos offer you best view of African game reserve.

Masai Mara Accommodation

There’s no dearth of lodges and family friendly reserves here in Masai Mara. Some of them focus upon special programs for kids and others on romantic exclusivity. To book front-row seats of Great Migration you should book your seats well in advance, so much so before 1 year during peak season. For secluded viewing of Great Migration you should head towards private conservancies. They let you view animals sans crowd.

Best Views of Kilimanjaro and Savannah Sunset in Eastern Africa


Eastern Kenya’s flagship reserve is Amboseli National Park which has the plus point of its easy accessibility. It offers amazing game sights as well as iconic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can spend a week here without being bored at all. View Kilimanjaro either at dawn or dusk when clouds get away from the way and sunlight lit up the snow resembling liquid gold.

Savannah Sunset_Africa

Activities to Do

Horse-back safaris, guided nature walks and exploring the Park on game drives are activities to participate at.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Amboseli is January to February and between June to September. However expect a good number of tourists at that time.

Amboseli Accommodation

Many luxury safari lodges are available here.

Amazing Landscapes and Unique Wildlife of Northern Kenya


Northern Kenya is a far cry from most spotted venues by throngs of visitors. Yes this place is far from maddening crowd. Yet diverse sets of animals that can be found here are absent from other parts of the country. Such animals are Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk Antelope, reticulated Giraffe and Somali Ostrich. These species are specialists of semi-arid areas.


However these places find more popularity with 2nd time visitors. Two of the most popular National Reserves are Shaba and Samburu that flank around Ewaso Ngiro River. Samburu is a famous spot for leopard watching and Shaba has better romantic expanses among other Kenyan National Reserves; a unique location to spend your honeymoon.

In addition there are several other places included in Northern Kenya like that of ‘Meru National Park’ and Laikipia Plateau. The former is famous for the shooting of ‘Born Free’. Laikipia Plateau is rising on the chart of safari tourism.

Activities to Do

5199 mts Mt. Kenya is a tourist spot amidst Samburu and Nakuru. Ewaso Ngiro River is a place for congregation of various animals and if you think to get fresh water then my suggestion is to abandon the idea as it houses many wild crocodiles.

Samburu_kenyaBest Time to Visit

Best time to visit Northern Kenya is 2 in numbers and that is between December to April and July to October.

Laikipia Accommodations

Mix of activities is offered at family friendly lodges and sensational natural views make an unforgettable romantic trip at honeymoon suites.

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