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Hitting the Iranian Ski Slopes with Full Enthusiasm

There are some places which are very rarely visited but have outstanding levels of excitement punched with natural beauty. Today I am going to focus upon such places in Iran. Ski resorts in Iran are gaining huge popularity because of many reasons. The list is long and why not so. Afterall the country is opening up well before global tourists and the government is leaving no stone unturned to wow them. Let’s take a look.

Albroz mountain series is an exciting place for ski enthusiasts and one of the key reasons behind is nearness of the site to the State capital of Tehran. Top 4 resorts can be visited within a day trip. All of these sites offer equipments on hire.


Shemshak SkiSource:

Just a 45 minutes drive away from Tehran Shemshak is about 57 Kilometers away. What’s amazing is its skiing season that’s a bit varied and stays from end of November to the start of April. This ski resort is for veteran skiers as the slopes are steepest and hardest in the country. No place for the weak hearts, tourists across the country and outside it visit this resort as it is very near to the capital city and offers varied weather. One of the most interesting features is beautifully lit ski trails with the help of amber so that skiers could ski well at night.


The ski resort of Darbandsar has opened in 1982 and is a 1 hour drive away from Tehran. Located about 60 Kilometers northeast from the capital city skiing season spanned from early December to end of April. Unlike Shemshak, Darbandsar can be visited by both beginners and intermediate learners. Depicting varied weather and scenic beauties this resort also serves as a popular tourist site.




Dizin is the most expanded ski field of Iran and the number of lifts here are higher than Shemshak. It does not mean that Dizin is more difficult but if you want to feel the thrill of speed there are plenty of options with vertical drops ranging up to 900 mt. Another good thing is the height of base camp that is up at 2700 mt and the slopes are located at upper level is located at 3500 mt. This elongates the skiing season still the end of April.

Sometimes the pistes are groomed and if there is fresh snowfall you may get off-pistes too. Except Fridays chair or Poma lifts are easy to find out along with availability of antique Gondolas.

Hiring equipments can be a task as prices don’t ensure quality and usually on spending around $35 you get poor quality clothes, poles, skis and snowboards. Only solution seems to be hiring a guide who often rents you decent skis.


This picturesque mountain resort is just adjacent to Tehran. Tallest peak of Mt. Tochal is a 3933 mt high point and along with serving as a ski resort this is a favourite recreational place for the citizens of Tehran. Tochal Telecabin is a gondola lift and serves as link between the resort, Tochal Hotel and Tehran.

Along with these top 4 ski resorts there is Ab Ali which if not mentioned would do injustice to the history of skiing in Iran.

Ab Ali

Ab Ali ski resort


If you want to delve into the rich history of skiing in Iran, you can’t escape Ab Ali which is called the birthplace of present day skiing in the country. Herein first mechanical lift was installed in the year 1953. You can reach here in an hour, driving towards the east of Tehran. Unlike earlier Ab Ali is not a place recokned for skiing only as the season is relatively less- spanning from December end to the end of March. Ab Ali is gaining popularity for bottled thermal spring water which is rich in calcium bicarbonate and packaged to distant tourist attractions.

So near to Tehran you just can’t ignore it and there are some wonderful sites here in the city. Let’s check them out.


Carpet Museum


Unlike other State capitals Tehran is not so outstandingly charming but museums are certainly very nice in particular the Carpet Museum.

  • Carpet Museum of Iran: Stored carpets here are just awesome but the signage of the museum is not at par with its attractive counterpart in Turkey.
  • Reza Abbasi Museum: The exhibits are attractive and ancient enough to bring forth praise among audience. Special mention should be made for Gold works that dates back to 2000BC.
  • Glass and Ceramics Museum: You will wonder about these stunning pieces dating back to 2nd millenium BC.
  • Jameh Bazar: To witness this enormous Asian flea market is an experience in itself and Jameh Bazar is opened for all on Fridays when the main markets remain closed. Buy beautiful artefacts that you can treasure forever.

Travel adventure is gaining high ranks among global tourists and as there are ample opportunities you need not have to stay within your comfort zone for long.

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