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Reaching Perth from Darwin on a Cycle

Travelling is a booming industry and people are continuously pushing their boundaries to get more out of their tours. In this blog I shall venture deeper into a cycle trip from Darwin to Perth. It’s a tedious trip meant for avid cyclists and could be finished in an average 35 days. Preferred time is winter season. Let’s begin our trip.


You can stay at hostels or campgrounds here in Darwin. The City is gateway to the National Park of Litchfield, Kakadu and Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands; many cross country journeys such as Savannah Way, Ghan and Explorers Highway.


This is the starting point of our journey. If you’re an offshore traveler then you would have to bring in your cycle with you and be ready to pay for the extra charges. The City is about 10 Kilometers from airport. Good thing is that you need not have to wait for taxis or buses. You have your cycle!

Adelaide River

To save on your funds you may carry a tent and all you need is a camp or a caravan park. The City is small but historically important and holds a War Cemetery on the backdrop of Darwin bombings in the year 1942 when Japan attacked Darwin’s harbor.

Litchfield National Park 5

Victoria River

Want to camp beside a river and under a moonlit sky? It seems for now your wish has been granted. You can camp beside Victoria River that originates at Gregory National Park and merges at Timor Sea.

Zwischen Kununurra und Katherine

Timber Creek

The highway of Victoria is sparsely trafficked and many Kangaroos roam free here. Beside other national highways you would see corpses of them but not here. Many often you can see kites flying over at distance which suggest an animal’s corpse. Commonly seen are snakes, birds of prey, cane toads etc. Whole way of the trip is infested by flies because of roadkills.

Timber Creek

Scenic escarpments of Timber creek are just awesome. The town has a rich pre-European history also. Nungali and Ngaliwurru aboriginals called this place their home.

Its biggest attraction is the Gregory National Park. Experience amazing sceneries and get a ride into the flashback times as the Park opens the heart of Australia’s Aboriginal past.


During the months of winter the mornings are pleasant but not the afternoons, in particular between 13:00 and 16:00 hours. If wind stops then it becomes tougher. At that time you should take frequent resting stops under shades and eat light snacks.


The city of Kununurra is famous for its Celebrity Tree Park where trees have been planted by famous persons like Baz Luhrmann and Rolf Harris.

Gibb River Road

Passing in between trees, eroded cliffs and mountains get ready for a bumpy journey along the Gibb River Road. Your complaints will annihilate as you pass beside Calvin and Lennard river gorges. Just awesome sceneries- blue turquoise water girdled with black and orange cliffs from all around.

Gibb River Road

You need to cross over a few narrow and wide river crossings such as Pentecost and Durac rivers. Signs pointed that salt-water crocodiles inhabit this place. A booster for your adrenaline, right?


One of its phenomenal events is impressively high tides, highest in Australia. Don’t forget to take a look at the famous ‘Boab Prison Tree’ near the city.



Famous for its pearling industry Broome is growing popular with its tourists also. Don’t forget to take a look at the Cable Beach.


Port Hedland

The surrounding flora changes from bushes to long grasses till you reach Port Hedland. The seafront has many spots to see various marine mammals like Australian Snubfin dolphins, Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins and Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphins. In addition there is rookery for Flatback Sea turtles and protected Saltworks Important Bird Area. There are mangrove areas at estuaries- pretty amazing I must say.

Port Hedland

Karijini National Park

Good news is that the way gradually becomes much milder and has many rivers and rock formations. Karijini National Park is famous for its gorges. Get ready to endure a tough traffic inside the park and the roads are in a pretty bad condition. On rush hours the way is veiled under red cloud (of dust). Only available food is chocolate bars.

Karijini National Park


Mt.Magnet is a stopover and etymology has an interesting story that of flipping compass needles of the explorers. It was because an enormous amount of iron reserve.

Convent and Chapel of St Hyacinth

Take enough food with you as there is less availability of food conclaves before Yalgoo.


Path between Wubin, New Norcia and Perth is a roller coaster ride, spread across undulating cliffs; requiring you to shift your gears. Here you may want to call ‘Great Northern Highway’ the ‘Great Narrow Highway’.


Hope you like the entire trip and that it ends on a happy and healthy note. Please send in your feedbacks. I am looking forward to them. Bye and take care.

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