River Trip through the Mysterious Bends of the Amazon

The word Amazon brings in a sweet music in our ears and a sparkle of mystery to our mind. Indeed this gigantic river arouses awe and wonder. Sheer facts arouse wonder such that this river is twice as large as India. Volume of water is more than all the combined water volume of other eight largest rivers. Amazon basin is expanded through eight countries. This river is more than all these factual information. An ecological hotspot, Amazon River system is the lifeline of not only a diverse variety of flora and fauna but also many human civilizations.


We cannot deny its importance in churning out a balancing role for all living beings. Weather, water and air are so much dependent upon Amazon River system that most of the naturalists remain spell-bound. In this scenario no doubt that this part of earth attracts people all around the world to indulge in different kinds of tour opportunities. Before going any further it is to be made clear that tourists should be reasonable with their travel expectations. If you expect jaguars or semi-clothed tribes then it is a dumb thing to think. Let us select some popular adventure trips around Amazon River.

Riverboat trips

Riverboat trips

In this part of the world, rivers act like roads. Small gifts of life look amazing like that of slow paced life, watching the river from a hammock and pristine local life slowly glides by. But a river trip through Amazon can be boring too as you have to endure same food, same music and same scenery. However if you appreciate little gifts of life (as have been already mentioned) then it is not priceless.

Ideal Duration of the trip

It is best to take a tour of two to three days at most and if you have booked for a longer trip then stop at intervals and indulge in some exciting stuffs. You can take flights to cover the rest of the journey as usually price of both tickets (of fight and boat) cost same. Let us find some viable starting points.

Amazon destinations

Manaus: The city of Manaus is the largest city of Amazon, an urban jungle amidst the real jungle. City serves as an important port located at 1,500 kilometers.

Amazonas: This is the biggest state of Brazil where three majestic rivers namely Negro, Solimoes and Madeira join to give rise to Rio Amazonas.

Para: Some of the best destinations of Amazon are located here. Watch out the monster trees along Rio Tapajos that are inhabitants of the National Forest. You can reach this part by passing through Alter do Chao, a peaceful beach town.

Belem: This fascinating city has plentiful mango trees, some beautiful parks, nice boulevards, museums and monuments. A kind of carnival atmosphere can be witnessed on weekends in the sloppy reaches of the Central Park.

Features of the trip

As the wildlife is most active at the wee hours and in the late afternoon, these excursions begin during these times through natural canals. If the day is very hot then you may attend learning sessions held on local flora and fauna.


Expert guides

Guides are selected from expert sets of naturalists. They are veteran experts on local human culture, flora and fauna and apart from informative sessions, you may also indulge in informal chats on present fragile status of the environment.

Expert guides

Culinary delights

A delicious window of local sumptuous cuisines is opened before you via an interesting blend of local and international dishes.

Culinary delights

Customized River trips

Customized River

Custom kayak tours and camping are available in the territory of an erstwhile hunter gatherer tribe of Huaorani. The camp stays are available in the Shiripuno jungle lodge.

Jungle hiking and lake exploration

For 4 to 5 hours this hiking trip will combine tracking trails of Jaguars, look out for white-lipped peccaries and monkeys.

Jungle hiking

Post lunch sessions will combine paddling upon wooden canoes through ancient lakes. After a while you will reach a fairytale region of flooded forests along with small lakes. If you are lucky you can spot caimans and ancient Hoatzin birds. There are good fishing spots for anglers too.

Essentials for a river trip

  1. If the days are cool then you can hire a sleep sack. Otherwise hire a hammock along with ropes to hang it.



    ii. May be your stuffs will not be drenched but as a precautionary measure, you can keep them in a plastic bag and tie it to the top.


   iii. Book your hammock well before the beginning of the journey. Otherwise you will be unable to find a suitable place. In some boats there are ‘camarotes’ or cabins that have better amenities.


   iv. Boats usually have three decks. It is best to reserve you hammock at the middle deck. Some boats have women only hammock areas. If you are on a solo trip then before booking your ticket, take all information.


   v. Though theft is not usual but you must keep your common sense intact and take every possible precaution.


  vi. It is good to avoid the buffet meals on ordinary boat trips. Instead depend upon packed foods such as apples, energy bars, nuts etc.


  vii.Carry drinking water and toilet papers.


Amazon basin is full of wonders. But do not expect them at every bend like that are shown in the wildlife channels. Remember those shots have been shot after a hard work of many days. If you expect less, you will be rewarded the most.

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