Tripping Around Indonesian Volcanoes

South-east Asian archipelago Indonesia is a land of wonders as it gradually opens up a vast treasure of natural beauty. In addition you will hardly find any place else where such a rich culture and religion (or I must say a philosophy) are intertwined to personify in people’s day-to-day life. Easy going life, serene nature, sumptuous Indonesian cuisines, rich history and culture- you get a whole package in a chip called ‘Indonesia’. Among these there is a less known trip but which is gradually gaining a huge popularity called ‘Volcano Adventure Trip’. As Indonesia is located upon high seismic and volcanic activities so the scopes for organising volcanic adventure trips are huge. I am going to delve upon a similar one now.



You will wonder to know that Indonesia falls within a zone which is one of the most active ones in respect of tectonic activities. In fact there are over 150 active volcanoes in the region. 2004 Tsunami’s devastating effects are still fresh in local people’s mind. Among more than 14,000 islands included within the territory of Indonesia Java is the biggest and most poplous. Java is the home to many active volcanoes. One thing that these volcano trips ensure is a package of astonishing plus breathtaking views. Yes these can be your once in a lifetime moments.

East Java and its volcanoes

Trekking trails that lead upto extinct or dormant or active volcanoes are a bundle of outstanding scenes. East Java is a popular region for such trips and the more frequent ones reach at Mt. Merapi, Mt. Semeru and Mt. Bromo. Added bonanza along with the thrill of exploring a volcano are quaint villages, typical rainforests of South-east Asia and mountainous lakes on the way to summit.

Indonasian volcano treks are obviously a treat for seasoned as well as first time trekkers. Usually Java island volcano treks start from its capital city of Surabaya as its good connectivity with Bali Island, the other major region of the country.

Trip to Mt. Semeru

The trip begins from Surabaya from where you reach to Ranu Pani (a two hour trip) which is the nearest base camp to Mt. Semeru. From here you begin your trek and after some time you reach to the mountainous lake namely Ranu Kumbolo. As I said before on the way you will see some views which could be your once in lifetime moments. Amazingly stunning waterbody surrounded with skyhigh mountains carpeted with lush green tropical forests. Scenic trail is a great gift for photography enthusiasts.



In view of difficulty quotient the hike to Mt. Semeru located at 12,000 ft over sea level is a moderate one for people of age more than 15 years and leading an average fit life. I would suggest you to visit this place before sunrise as this makes options to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises on earth. This is one of the steepest points of the country and offers wonderful views.

Trip to Mt. Bromo

Indonesia’s Mount Bromo is located at one of the most scenic sites of the country. Place is a dusty one something like post-apocalyptic site. The volcano is still smoking and located at a wind swept place, amidst a Sea of Sand. The nearby small village does witness some of the best views as a blanket of fog covers the place every morning. This fog is created at the edge of the crater called Cemoro Lawang. This outstanding view can be seen through neighbouring Mt. Penanjakan, reached by jeep.

In the evening some spectacular views develop through jeep headlights that move through the downward jungle. Under the veil of mist orange glows emerge that are made of the light of the vehicles. No doubt this is one of the rarest views on earth.

It is best to reach here in early morning so you need to begin your journey at 23:00 or 24:00 hour. Otherwise you can stay overnight at hotels in Prigen. To reach the bottom of crater you can hire in ponies that take you through the Sea of Sand.

Trip to Mt. Merapi

Locally Mt. Merapi is called ‘Fire Mountain’ a translation of ‘Gunung Merapi’. Awesome setting of the crater has given rise to many Javanese legends and some locales may warn you to ask for forgiveness to the Volcano Spirit as you are entering its territory.

Your journey begins from the village of Selo located at its northern side. Selo is connected to cities of Yogyakarta and Solo by bus. Food and accommodation are avaialable at village homestays. Don’t forget to keep drinking water in possession as there is no water along the whole trail.


Just like Mt. Bromo, trek to Mt. Merapi also begins after midnight so to reach the summit before sunrise. In the scale of difficulty quotient the trail is a bit challenging with ground changing at every turn. Starting with dust to rocks then to loose rocks you need to be cautious at every step. Lots of energy is required to cover the trek.

Volcano trekking trips are best diets for adventure lovers. To know more about trekking please visit our travel adventure section.

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