Walking down the King’s little pathway- the world most dangerous path

Well if you are looking for adventure the right adventure in your life then you should surely look for something dangerous. Like for example climbing a mountain, or even better camping near paththe crater of an active volcano, climbing steeps  peaks fighting against frost bite. Now if you have already experienced all of the above, here comes the daring adventure for you. You just need to walk down the trail of not just any walkway but El Caminito del Rey or better known as The King’s little pathway. The walkway involves walking along the narrow gorge located in El Chorro, situated near Alora in the province of Malaga, Spain.

Well often as addressed as the world’s most dangerous walkway, it was closed down in between the year 2000 due to five fatal deaths. This pathway opened in the year 2015 inviting the tourist to enjoy this daredevil opportunity.


Lets us take you on the nerve thrilling journey to the most exclusive walkway as well as dangerous walkway of the world. The Caminito del Rey is said to be made up of two different sections. Both of the ways traverse a narrow area of the Gaitanes Gorge with a beautiful valley located between them. There is also the beautiful” The Valley of the Orange” located in between them which are covered by mountains on all sides with numerous orange trees growing near the river Guadalhorce which flows in the middle. To add to the surprise, there is even an old ruined house located at the bottom of the cliff.

The History of the Path

There used to be two hydroelectric power plants at Gaitanejo Falls and Chorro Falls. This walkway was completed in the year 1905 after the constructions tenure of 4 years to help the workers to carry materials from one place to another. Through the tunnels in the mountains, there is also a water canal weaving its way out.

dangerous_path3  The suspended catwalk which was present there provided easy access to the above mentioned canals for better maintenance and inspections and also effectively controlling the flow of water with the help steel doors lowered into the canal with the help of gears.

This walkway was said to have been inaugurated in the year 1921 by the Spanish King Alfonso XIII. The pathway is called the King’s Little Pathway because the king himself walked down the length to marvel at the scenic and beautiful landscape.

The great Hike

Well to enjoy the beautiful hike itself, steel your nerves and be prepared with the winds whipping the air. The path is very pretty destroyed with numerous holes here and there. Make use of rope trail to enjoy a safe and secure climb. But be rest assured as there is a new path that has been developed made up of wooden slats along with glass panels with proper handrail.


This road is much safer than all the other previous and you will surely enjoy the breathtaking adventure but with proper safety as well as security.

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