The Top 5 Coastal Towns of Morocco

Morocco has a far reached reputation of being the most diverse countries in Africa with indulging sights like high mountains, sweeping deserts along with rugged coastline. Now when it is the question of coastlines, Spain acquires the strong monopoly but Morocco which is just a ferry ride away has beaches largely untouched.

Apart from Agadir and the holiday resorts, the coastline of the harbors of Morocco has several intriguing settlements. Most of the beaches have hardly been explored and sometimes surely miss the radar of the traveler. Well the country’s diverse geography of the interior will surely be a surprise with nearly 1,200 miles of exclusive coastline exhibiting diversity.

So get ready and dive in and choose the right spot which will surely suit you the best.

1. Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima

Well this Berber port town has everything to offer right from isolated beaches to hiking in the Rif Mountains and also a friendly population. Given the added advantages of its location, this small coastal town enjoys glorious sunrises with its fair share of the Alboran Sea, a certain part of the Mediterranean.

This town was developed by the Spanish people during the colonial era of early to mid-20th century. The town proudly hugs the coastline with its exclusive port and town beach. You will get to view the exclusive colonial architecture along with the natural beauty enough to keep you occupied for an evening.

There are numerous beaches among which Plage Asfiha stands out which can be easily reached by a taxi. On a lazy afternoon here, you will get some of the spectacular views with the surroundings hills.

2. Larache


This destination is surely an unfrequented one being the main port for all the Spanish in northern Morocco. Very similar to Al Hoceima, this town also boasts of its proud colonial architecture with variety of styles. There are various attractive constructions linking old towns, the coast and also the modern town.

Larache has a wide stretch of the wild Atlantic coast right along the river Loukkos. Getting to the beach can be fun with many overcrowded dinghies.

A bus ride to the beautiful ruins of Lixus, a Roman settlement is the biggest proof that the region was extremely popular with visiting Europeans.

3. Tangier


Well this place may not relaxing or pretty but is surely a must see place for any visitor to Morocco. This coastal town has its own enigma giving traveler opportunity to dive deep into past connected with the sea.

Well the location of Tangier on the Straits of Gibraltar is of prime importance. This place was an inspiration for Casablanca giving the city prominence with far reached reputation.

Well you may visit the mansions and theaters along with villas playing host to the visitors offering enchanting maze of streets offering the opportunity to explore. Locals will greet you with wide range of languages.

4. Essaouira


One of the beautiful fishing towns situated on the west of Marrakech is Essaouira. This fishing town has been battered as well as eroded by Atlantic for centuries. The town has worn but a beautiful appearance. Here you will find an active artistic community where the local will enjoy a creative spirit. There are numerous galleries and art shops to visit.

Fill your day and ride south along the beach around the bay to the mouth of the Qued Ksob to enjoy the power of the ocean.

In the evening, it is time for snacks time with the fish stalls near the port offering delicious snacks highlighting the appeal of the town.

5. Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni

This is one of the most singular yet curious little towns on earth. On the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco lies the laid back remnant of Sidi Ifni. There are exceptionally interesting buildings with distinctive Art deco design. Well with the streets of Ifni empty, you will feel that the town is lost.

Here, there are a couple of great restaurants like Café Nomad and Suerte Loca Hotel along with some of the comfortable bars. You can easily spend your days hiking the hills surrounding the town, or taking a stroll around the ruins of the zoo or by just lazing on the spotless beach of the town.

You can opt for the excursions to the obscure mausoleum and the rusting cargo vessel which is shipwrecked on the beach.

Well for those paying a visit during the summer, you can easily see a haunting Atlantic mist contributing to the memories. Similarly in the winter, you may see dozens of French retirees with various camper vans right on the beach. This is a quiet destination for various independent travelers

Well above are top 5 exclusive coastal towns of Morocco offering endless opportunities which surely have been less experienced. Experience it while you can.

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