The Top 5 Geek Travel Destinations across the World

Well traveling offers exclusive experiences to each and every traveler who ventures out of their home. Now some avid travelers may prefer adventure while there are others who prefer natural splendor. People who love architecture and history may prefer location with historical splendor. Now what about people who are commonly addressed as “Geek”? Geeks are usually those people who stick to their books and try to concentrate more on the technological world.

1. Silicon Valley, California, USA

Silicon Valley, California

This place is often regarded as the Mecca for all the geeks all across the world. The Silicon Valley is the proud home to some of the world’s largest high technological corporation’s buildings along with various tech startups. The best place to start your trip is the HP garage. To be honest, the first Silicon Valley startup was formed there.

Continue towards the Mountain View and pay a visit to the Computer History Museum which is dedicated to various information age artifacts along with the impact on the society. Most importantly, here lies the headquarters of Google Googleplex.
You can also drive to Infinite Loop Street in Cupertino to pay a visit to Apple’s Headquarters and Apple Company Store. Be excited as this is the only place in the world which sells Apple logo, t-shorts, accessories and caps.

2. Akihabara District, Tokyo, Japan

Akihabara District, Tokyo

Now if you plan to shop for electronics, animation, video games and manga then be ready to geek out and shop here with the best possible latest quality high-tech goods.

At Akihabara, there are exclusive things which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Take out some time to explore the area right from the main street Chuo Dori. The shop Yodobashi Akiba is a huge retail store offering gadgets, cameras, computers along nine floors.

3. Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

Bangalore is often addressed as the “Silicon Valley of India” being the proud home to highest number of technological companies and has become the world’s startups hubs.

Well you may not get the opportunity to visit the big companies which are settled there but you can get the feel of the high-tech culture by paying a visit to the events as well as the entrepreneur talk there.

You can also pay a visit to the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum and you will surely be captivated with the complex tech functions which are present there.

4. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Well the engineering and technology of the German are known all over the world and the best way to experience it is by visiting the largest museum of the of the world of science and technology namely Deutsches Museum which is said to be located in Munich.

This museum is said to house more than 28,000 exhibited objects from various 50 fields of science as well as technology. Here you will find exhibitions on robotics as well as nanotechnology.

You can also take a tour at BMW’s museum and factory to see the historic car models as well as the newest made of the company.

5. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the hometown of the popular browser Opera. Opera was founded as an independent company in 1995 and is known for its browsing innovation with its introduction of key features like Speed Dial and tabs.

Now if you are in Oslo, make sure to visit the Teknisk Museum which effectively shows the progress of technology, science as well as industry through time. Here you can see the first Norwegian computer NUSSE which was unveiled in the year 1953.

So all you geeks out there be prepared to take out some time from your books and plan an exclusive visit to all the geek travel destinations exploring out the history and the technology of the place through time.

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