The Top 5 Countries to visit during Spring

Spread out your arms and keep them wide open as it is time to welcome the season of spring. The spring is the season of blooming of flowers, the cool yet warm breezes of the season gifting a new feeling to the spring lovers. Travel freak often prefer the season of spring to visit some of the famous destinations.

Spring often symbolizes the beautiful Daffodils and the flowers slowly growing on the trees. There are many trending tourist destinations which beholds a beautiful scene especially in the month of spring. Take the example of Netherlands where you can see the beautiful tulip fields in full bloom, the blossoms of the Japan, wildflowers in Jordan and the exceptional yet beautiful whales in Argentina, the above places does have something or the other to offer to one and all.

Here are top 5 countries which should positively be visited during the spring.


The festivals of spring hold special significance for the Japanese. The term Hanami in the language of traditional Japanese means ‘Flower Viewing’. Group of friends gather for Hanami in small parties. The places and gardens and parks are overcrowded which is why people gather before hand to get the best spot below the beautiful trees.


The cherry blooms in Japan are addressed as Sakura which takes one complete week to bloom proper. These flowers are small and round in shape and is said to be most beautiful in the final stage with the pink and white petals of the flower gracefully floating to the ground.


Traveling to Japan during the spring is a magical gift with the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming for limited period of time. Visit the country during spring and plan a Hanami to witness the famous blooming as spring is the season when the garden in Japan glows with flowery beauty.


The beautiful nature in Uzbekistan awakens with the onset of spring. The winters in the land is biting while the summers stifling. That is the reason the perfect time to visit the country of Uzbekistan is the spring. There are lots of attractions which the country offers right from the rich history to the unique yet fascinating culture. The sky is a perfectly blue sky making the way for excellent and stunning photographs.


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You can experience the rich culture along with the ancient Islamic tradition. There are lots of attractions in the country beholding the attention of the tourists. The Samarkand along with the towering fortresses in Bukhara and Khiva will bring you much closer to the country’s uniqueness.


After the biting summer, you will see bright green, yellow and purple colors spread out over the desert marking the onset of the plants in the desert area. You can also witness the blossom of the pistachio tree as well as almond along with tulips covering the mountains in Uzbekistan offering an exclusive tour to the gathering tourists.

The spring festival also gifts you delicious cuisine served by the local along with the sweet mulberry fruit.


The country Jordan attracts tourists from all across the globe throughout the year. However Jordan in the spring season breathes in beautiful colorful landscapes. The topography of the country is unique in itself and there is abundance of beautiful flora which sets it apart from the rest of the countries of the Middle East. In less than 5 % of the area of the country, more than 2500 species of plants are grown.


Tourists from all across the globe gather here to witness Jarash and Petra along with their remarkable architecture. However the ideal time to visit the places is during the spring and autumns when cool breezes blows throughout the land making outdoor tours bearable.


The land of Argentina wakes up to the season of spring in its own beautiful way. In the Southern Hemisphere, the tree turns autumnal brown and red. The temperature across the land of Argentina is much milder than in the summer. That is reason Argentina is best for killer whales watching along the shoreline of the Valdes Peninsula along with vast colonies of penguins with their little ones greeting you at the shore.

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Morocco is the land of hot sun along with bone chilling winters. Considering this fact, the ideal season to visit the country of Morocco is the spring. You can easily take an exclusive tour of the land of Morocco after the cold winters of the mountains and before the excessive heats of the summers. Soak up with the sunshine with a refreshing mint tea. You can also enjoy the cool sea breeze on the coast of Essaouria along with fishing harbor in various shades of color.


Exploring the fertile valleys in foot as well as horseback is an exclusive opportunity to indulge in during the spring.

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