The Top 5 Not to be Missed Experiences in Tanzania

The spike of terrorism in the neighboring Kenya along with the misinformed fears about the potential threat of Ebola is severely affecting the tourism industry of Tanzania so far in the year 2015. As per records, the arrival of tourists is considerably low than the year 2014. But do not let all these factors keep you away from experiencing the stunning beauty of the Tanzania. To be very honest, the right time to visit this place is right now without the bursting crowd of tourists.

Here are top five of the best possible aspects of the place which will provide you a remarkable Tanzanian experience.


On an average, nearly 75,000 people every year climb the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. That is surely states that it is not one of the remote locations but it will surely test the ability of one and all with altitude sickness. The travel time to the summit ranges from five to nine days and one has to achieve that with the help of a tour guide agencies.


The mountain is well known for lots of remarkable experiences right from exclusive climatic zones to beautiful ecological system starting from alpine deserts to beautiful and famous arctic summit.

Once you opt for the exclusive climbing, you will feel the exclusiveness of this beautiful natural wonder.

2. The great natural show


There is the occasion of annual migration where more than a million wide beast along with few hundred thousand zebras migrate from Serengeti located in Tanzania to Kenya’s northern plains namely Masaai Mara. This Great Migration is often known as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. This is one of the action-packed as well as tragic affairs as numerous migrating animals are killed by Nile crocodile while they cross the Mara River. To witness this unique view, you can opt for hot air balloon safari and then enjoy it with a bottle of champagne.

3. Northern Circuit


Northern Circuit is well known for adjoining Ngorongoro and Serengeti Conversation area. You can visit this place and witness the Tarangire National Park along with the Lake Natron. This national park is reputed to have the highest population densities of elephant. Choose this place to enjoy a private and luxury camping safari. Lake Natron offers a whole new world with this mirror-like surface being the home to 2 million flamingoes presided by an active volcano.

4. The unique culture of Zanzibar


Now after all of these adventurous activities, if you wish to relax then take a much needed break on the Zanzibar beach. This tropical island offers beautiful sandy beaches with the blissfulness of the sun, clear waters along with fascinating coral reefs with marine life. You can also indulge in delicious sea foods along with the option of staying at the luxurious accommodations.

Do not forget to visit the historic town of Stone Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known by its coral stone buildings.

5. Gombe Stream National Park’s chimpanzees

Pay a visit to the smallest national park in Tanzania which is one of the remote one and also no doubt in intrigue one. This park is also the natural habitat of the fragile chimpanzee. This park is beautiful in itself with steep slopes along with river valleys which is close to the beautiful Lake Tanganyika.


Experience the great wilderness along with array of birdlife, lush forest, and waterfall along with guided chimpanzee treks. The park also offers Great swimming as well as snorkeling activities. If you want, you can stay at the Gombe Forest Lodge which is only one lodge inside the area.

In short, whenever you pay a visit to Tanzania, do not forget to indulge in the above top five activities and make numerous memorable memories to last a lifetime.

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