Art Exhibitions for Christmas

Top 5 European Art Exhibitions for Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 is knocking the door and your preparations are at last stage. This time of the year brings in jubilation punched with a serene feeling. Nature envelopes itself with a mystical mood and it helps in to set a feeling which goes beyond superficial merriment. Matching with this I am going to tread a different trail regarding Christmas 2015’s travel itinerary- that of five among best art exhibitions. Hope you’ll like this. It may be that you’ve planned to spend your holidays near these places. So you can take some time out and visit these places.

Visions of Paradise

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We buy postcards with nativity scenes but the season means more religious fervour. Until March 28th, National Gallery, London is hosting an exhibition regarding classic Renaissance paintings which seem to bring down paradise on earth. One of the star attractions will be Botticini’s ‘Visions of Paradise’ that has bewildered master artists for years.

Turner in January


Like every year Scotland’s Turner Watercolours painting exhibition is opening on New Year’s day. Enjoy month long classic collection of Romantic paintings while taking a bite into your Turkey sandwitch. The exhibition is to take place at Scottish National Gallery from Jan 1st to Jan 31st.
Scotland is abundant with natural gifts and there is no dearth of scenic beauties. When you’ll be here it’s expected you see them through your eyes. But seeing these paintings, once again you’ll be transported into a verdant vale or before a foaming cascade.

Exhibition of Egyptian Arts

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This art exhibition focused on Egyptian art at British Museum, London may fill you with wonder. Ancient Egyptian arts have so many times depicted goddess with her child image which is so central in Christian theology and more so during Christmas.

In addition, charm of Egyptian Coptic Christian art-pieces are exhibitted here. The community’s vulnerable status in a majority Muslim society is beautifully displayed. As you travel through you take a tour of early roots of Christianity in Middle-East. The exhibition will run still February 7th.

European Galleries from 1600 to 1815

Inaugurated on Dec 8th, Victoria and Albert Museum London is presenting the galore of Christmassy nostalgia that ranges from splendid Baroque sculptures to sartorial collections from the times of ‘Brother Grimm and the Magic Flute’. Be prepared to be mesmerised with early-modern European religious art completed with outstanding nativity scenes. You’ll have an idea of fine cultural roots of European Winter Holidays. I must say that these new galleries have opened at right time of 2015.

Bejewelled Treasures

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Best jewellery box of world has been opened right here at Victoria and Albert Museum, London which will remain for public display still March 28th. The ‘Al Thani collection of Indian jewellery’ has more than enough glittering stones to adorn a Christmas tree. Along with a historical and cultural tour of India’s rich past, you’ll wonder how far does opulence reach. A collection of contemporary art as well as historic treasures, wise men’s gifts were never better than this.

In my opinion this is the list of the top 5 European Art Exhibitions and would be a major portion of your trip itinerary this Christmas. Don’t lose this extraordinary chance.

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