Top 5 Great Attractions of Greenland

There is a popular saying by old travelers that “When you have seen the world there is always Greenland”. Well that concept is seriously old as Greenland has lots to offer and is certainly a cheap destination as there are few places in the whole world which offers beautiful scenery along with raw influence of nature along with beautiful clarity of light.

Here you can also find beautiful vast untamed wilderness giving adventurers the opportunity to wander and plan an expedition at their own free will. The indulgence in Greenland is certainly not limited with a long list of activities including salmon fishing, sea kayaking as well as rock climbing.

Here you surely might expect a sight of glaciers along with must to mention Northern lights and fjords. Greenland is world’s largest island and there are lots of opportunities to indulge in but here are top 5 must visit tourists attractions in Greenland which are surely not to be missed one.

1. Disko Island


Surrounded by beautiful impressive icebergs of the Arctic Hemisphere is the beautiful picturesque island Disko Island. This island is certainly very rural and venturing to the island is certainly not an easy opportunity. The settlement around this rural area is a beautiful colorful one engulfed in nature.

This island is located on the west coast of Greenland and is a popular research site for viewing the ecological and biological milieu of Arctic region. For enthusiasts of the natural sciences, Disko Island is the perfect gateway for one and all.

Now there is another wonder here which is a very rare microscopic animal called limnognathia which is found in the hot springs. Here you can also find mineral deposits along with fossils fuels.

2. Ilulissat


Ilulissat is a beautiful city located in Western Greenland. This city is located in the Disco Bay just by the beautiful Icefjord from which the city has derived its name. Ilulissat is one of the beautiful settings offering the visitors a great Greenlandic experience.
This city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2004. This city was once the largest town in Greenland which was said to be inhabited nearly for thousands of years. One of the funny facts for the town is that this town has equal number of sled dogs as well as people as the number of people in the town is 4600 people with the count of sled dogs being 3500.

3. Northeast Greenland National Park


This national park of Greenland is known to be the world’s largest along with the most northerly national park of the world. This park was said to have been established in the year 1974 spreading over an area of 972,001 square kilometers.
This park is rich in flora and fauna with an estimated 5000 to 15,000 musk oxen along with numerous walrus, polar bears with various mammals like stoat, arctic fox, ringed seal, hooded seal and also Beluga whale.
The remoteness of this national park of Greenland will surely shocks and surprise you and is undoubtedly a must visit one.

4. Narsaq


Narsaq is one of the centrally located places on the plain in the giant fjord system in Greenland. This area is one of the beautiful places to sightsee and is full beautiful abundant wildlife includes names like whales, trout, seals and salmon along with the splendid beauty of the nearby glacier.
Here people can indulge in sailing, kayaking, hiking as well as Greenland Adventure Race.

5. Nuuk


The capital city and administrative centre of Greenland is Nuuk which has a population of nearly 15,000. This is certainly the most populous town in Greenland and also least populated national capitals of the whole world. There are various other popular tourist attractions like Katuaq Culture Center along with a National Museum.

This city also encourages whale watching along the fjord system around Nuuk. There are three popular species of whale which are sighted here namely the Humpback, minke and fin whales from the month of May still November. So if you are on cruise or sailing excursion.

Indulge in guided tours, cruising activities, sailing, hiking, skiing as well as several other activities.

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