Top 5 Luxury Trains in the World

Traveling is often regarded as one of the favorite pastime of one and all. Exploring different destinations may certainly unveil of the wonders which will leave you spell bounded. Some prefer traveling by cruises while some prefer traveling by train. There is a very common pre notion that traveling by traveling by train can be hectic but the secret lies in the fact that traveling by train can be romantic. Just imagine sitting in a train and watching the countryside rolling by the window or just interacting with fellow travelers in the luxury of the cabin in a train. Well yes it is true that traveling by train may not be the fastest route but unlike trains, there are few other options which will bring forward to you the beauty of a hillside, country, destination as well as region. Now if you wish the dual package of luxury as well as mesmerizing trips on the train, here are the top 5 luxury trains ready to be ventured by you.

The Blue Train – Bringing forward the picture of South Africa

Blue Train

The Blue Train connects all the important South African Cities offering the guests including prestigious people like presidents and kings a beautiful glimpse into the untamed wilderness of the region.


The travelers have the option to choose the route they prefer. Based on the chosen itineraries, The Blue Train will stop at world famous golfing courses, excursions of bush as well as colonial sites rich in history. On the train you will get very possible luxury right from luxurious comfortable suites with big screen TVs with elegant dining room or please yourself with smooth jazz or savor the delicious gourmet meals.

The Golden Chariot- a golden ride through India

Golden Chariot

If you wish to embark on the journey of Indian excursion, then just board the train Golden Chariot which offers to take you in a golden tour through South India. You will get a luxurious two week long casual trips to indulge into the rich history as well as the lush fauna and flora of the region. Pay your homage to the temples which are UNESCO-protect and view the beautiful tiger reserve with the opulent palaces.


And if you get tired then just indulge in Ayurvedic Massage offered at the train providing optimum comfort.

Rocky Mountaineer- Parading through the adventurous Rockies

Rocky Mountaineer

This is the world’s most exclusive adventure where you do not need any snowshoes or parka. The Rocky Mountaineer offers you the breathtaking scenery of Alberta and British Columbia enjoyable through the most comfortable Canadian reclining chair.

Sitting in the train and peeping right out of the window, you can see the glacier fed lakes, over rushing rivers along with the snowy mountains passes and coastal rainforests. On the wheels of Rocky Mountaineer, you can get a glimpse of the inaccessible Canadian wild.


Just book a trip on a Gold Leaf Train and get the premium services with gourmet meals and untamed view of the Canadian wilderness.

The Ghan- bringing in the essence of the Australian Outback


Few dare to inhabit and very few dare to visit the Australian Outback which is reputed to be the most deserted, inhospitable regions of the world with the soaring temperature.


But you can achieve it with just a trip on The Ghan. Sitting in the train amidst optimum luxury and cool tranquility, you will be able to get a glimpse into the “Red Centre” of Australia as this train runs in between Adelaide in South Australia as well as Darwin in the far north.

You can enjoy a stop at the Alice Springs and feel the essence of the natural beauty with exclusive gold services including river cruises, camel rides and guided tours of the painted rock sites as well as wildlife refuges.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express – a flash of the real European Venice


This train has been in vogue since the onset of the beginning in 1883. The Orient Express provides the exclusive travel in between Paris and Istanbul. This train car still maintains its age long reputation linking some of the top tourist destinations like Budapest, Prague as well as London. This is often referred to as perfect train for honeymooners along with business travelers who wish to enjoy an overnight getaway in between long meetings.


The train is the beautiful combination of art as well décor and provides one of the romantic and celebrated journeys in the world.

You can also indulge in beautiful European Cuisines especially made by the Chefs as per your dietary requirements.

So what are you waiting for, hurry and grab this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a memorable ride of lifetime on the above mentioned luxury trains.

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