Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

You’ll find few ones on earth who do not like to be afraid. Yes you heard it right and visualized it correct; scenes of detective novels and cinemas vigorously competing to come in the forefront. World of travel could be made that much exciting with this custom tour wherein top 5 most notorious haunted places of Europe is your itinerary (in particular when Halloween is knocking the doors). Get ready for this spine chilling trip across the continent.

Horror Site No.1: ‘The Ancient Ram Inn’ Gloucestershire, UK

Ram Inn_uk

This King Stephen’s era scenic inn was built in 1145 and comes at top of the list of weirdest places of Britain. The backdrop is the picturesque Gloucestershire County that is itself a tourist favorite. However once you enter the inn, I am not sure how far can you agree with this?

Claims of ghoulish apparitions have been made by both the owners plus the guests. It is believed to be built upon some ancient ritual site of Pagans which may explain the rumored excavations of children’s remains and weapons within the inn.

Horror Site No.2: The Forest of ‘Hoia Bacui’ at Cluj-Napoka, Romania

Hoia Bacui_romania

Transylvania welcomes you to the legendary regime of Count Dracula, the mysterious land of blending cultures and rustic beauty. The spooky tales of castles may have been more highlighted which has been a sort of boon for the forest of Hoia Bacui that is still untouched from tourist buzz. Tourists who have been to several other scary places vouch that this is World’s topmost haunted forest.

The spot is said to have witnessed many strange things such as missing shepherds; unearthly images being photographed; even claims of UFO sightings. Among all these I agree that the backdrop is to blame the most; this set of twisted trees behind the fog giving an out of the world appearance. This might have aroused a feeling of being watched over or hyper-anxiety; or maybe you’re being really watched and your nervousness has supernatural basis, who knows?

Horror Site No.3: The Island of Poveglia, Venice, Italy:


If Huia Bacui’s notoriety is to be blamed on nature’s whim then Poveglia has to do something with her dark past. Patients of Plague and Black Death used to be deported here from 14th to 17th century and gradually numbed by death.

This is now an uninhabited place and locals steer away from the island to avoid being caught unaware by some bygone curse. However some daring souls have ventured into the unknown and recounted tales of horror like freezing screams and apparitions.

Horror Site No.4: ‘The Catacombs’, Paris, France


Some Paris metro stations have reputations of paranormal sights but they cannot compete with ‘The Catacombs’. Home to numerous skeletons, this stone quarry is the ill-fated abode for the overcrowding dead bodies during the 1700’s.

For space-crunched, ancient cemeteries of Paris this might be a sigh of cold relief but not for the city’s civic infrastructure as for the wrongly selected location of ‘The Catacombs’. As it had been directly below the city, no tall apartment could be built here.

These ill-fated tunnels had played important acts during the WW-II when it served as significant operating grounds for the ‘French Resistance’.

Horror Site No.5: Namur’s Miranda Castle, Belgium

Namur’s Miranda Castle_Belgium

Be ready to have a shivering feeling running down your spine as you enter the ‘Chateau de Noisy’, after walking through the Ardennes Forest. 1866 built Castle was a peaceful orphanage even during the WW-II but a terrible fire accident forced its untimely shutdown in 1991 and since then it laid abandoned. Over the years the Chateau is worn with many lightning strikes and after the accident, the whole place is stacked with broken dolls of the orphan inmates. (A suitable venue for a film based on a plot like 2007 classic Spanish horror movie ‘The Orphanage’.)

Like every good thing, our journey to the spooky world across Europe comes to the end now. One of the above places would be the ideal site for the Halloweens. For more such exciting trips please remain glued to our blogs and feel free to post your comments and suggestions. We appreciate your feedbacks with earnest sincerity. Good Bye!

Disclaimer Note: In your journey, you are at your own risk. The writer shall not be liable for any inexplicable event, unanswered by rational logics. Honest suggestion is to avoid the trip if you have a weak heart.

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