Top 5 Places on Earth that are Almost Inaccessible

Wanderlust is one of the biggest addictions for travelers. These people not only love the destination but also the whole trip, right from charting out the plan to every single way towards the tour completion. Some even do not think twice to take up unseen risks and explore some hitherto unknown places. Today in this article I shall enlist top 5 destinations that have incomparable natural or artificial beauty but tourists are not allowed to visit them. Why? What’s so secretive and what’s its need? Let us explore them in details.

1. The Grand Shrine of Ise in Japan: The Ise Shrine in Japan is located at Uji Tachi that is included in Mia Prefecture. The standing structures include 2 main shrine sites and 125 secondary ones. Going by the Shinto beliefs, the structures are recreated every 20 years. Shintos strongly believe in reincarnation.


Among the 2 main shrines, one houses an important part of the Imperial Regalia called the ‘Sacred Mirror’. This shrine is accessible to either the supreme priest or the priestess who should be a member of the Royal family.The temple architecture is purely Japanese with minimum influence from Asian mainland.

2. Qin Shi Huang tomb in China: A central Chinese hill is the burial place of nation’s first emperor. The site was discovered in 1974 where around 2000 uniquely crafted statues have been excavated. Yet the number of presumed unexcavated statues is around 8000. The government is reluctant to further excavate as it may hurt the sentiments for traditional burial rituals. That is why tourists get to see the impressive clay army during the site visit. However the main tomb remains hidden from visitors.

Qin Shi Huang tomb_china

3. Heard Island Volcano in Australia: One of the remotest parts of earth Heard Island is located between Madagascar and Australia and falls within the Antarctic zone. This island is a natural habitat for Antarctic animals and is a mountainous province having 41 glaciers.There is a complicated volcano here that is spewing lava since 2000 and besides it the environment is highly unsuitable for human habitation. Another reason for its remoteness is that you need to sail for at least 2 weeks to reach the nearest major landmass.

Heard Island Volcano_australia

4. North Sentinel Island in the Andaman: This lush green island, girdled with coral reefs in the heart of azure Bay of Bengal is certainly a beautiful place to visit but for a reason and the prime one for its inaccessibility. The island is inhabited by an ancient tribe called the Sentinelese who denies all sorts of communications with the greater world. So much so that in the wake of massive Tsunami in the year 2004 when the rescue helicopters arrived there, people threw stones and shot arrows. Also to add an incident that took place in 2008 when fishermen’s boat got too near of the island and 2 of them were killed by the tribesmen.

Sentinel Island_Andaman

5. The Snake Island in Brazil: The actual name of the island is Ilha da Queimada Grande that is affectionately called the Snake Island as it houses the most outrageously venomous snake species, the Golden Lancehead Viper. Off 32 kilometers from Sao Paolo the island is allowed to be visited by scientists, that also on every few years. Otherwise the government has prohibited its reach for travelers.

Snake Island_Brazil

Hope you have liked this article and the information has triggered your passion for quest. So do further researches about the places and keep your fingers crossed for government’s nod. If in future it is allowed for travelers then maybe you would be the first one to visit the place and have a kitty filled with wonderful stories. Just imagine the thrill!

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