Top 5 Royal Palaces Of India Known For Its Spookiness

The Forts and palaces are always known for their luxurious looks and beautiful appearances. People always get lured towards these forts and palaces for its magnificence and excellent royalty. But, wait do you forts are all about luxury, royalty, and happiness? If yes, then you are in great misconception. Behind the huge walls, luxuriously designed interiors and the royal feel lies a stratum of mischievous secrets and some hard-core truths which can shake you from head-to-toe.

Yes, what you read is absolutely true! The mysteries behind these forts include the real stories of the kings, their wives, their thrones, their court men and their actual behavior. India is a country of forts and palaces, which has stories and secrets hidden behind them with great care. The tales of victory and defeat, love, and hate, cruelty, and kindness are all a part of the glorified past of this country. Travelers from around the world visit this country for experiencing its royalty and the splendid architecture. But few are aware of the other side of the coin, the other part of the glorious stories.


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The most wonderful palaces and forts of India are considered to be haunted for some mysterious activities taking place around them. The paranormal activities happening around them have made them the spookiest places to visit.

Beware! People with chronic diseases and weak heart should avoid reading this.

This post is for the travelers who urge to find a solace or way to escape the monotony of their life and who are ready to explore the unexplored.

Here is a list of the most popular forts and palaces of India which are known for the paranormal activities around it and the horror stories supporting the existence of a supernatural power. Here we go… Read at your own risk.

1.    Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan

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Unveiling the dark and spooky side of India, Bhangarh fort is all about mysteries. Located in the town of Bhangarh, established in 1573 by King Bhagwant Das, situated between Jaipur and Alwar, the fort had earned a spooky name thanks to the numerous stories doing around it.

Although India has several haunted places to be experienced, but Bhangarh Fort tops this list. The fort is famed for being haunted and for the mysterious presence that people have sensed there. The Government of India has strictly prohibited everyone from entering the premise of the fort before sunrise and after sunset, if done so legal action will be taken against the person. The fort can be visited from 6 A.M to 6 P.M. On the front, the fort is said to be wonderful and extremely pleasant to pay a visit to, but it is the isolation, the atmosphere and the surrounding that can give you goosebumps.

No one is allowed around the fort after sunset, but there are cases, where people have entered the area during the night and have said to have never returned back. Some people who claim to have entered the fort after sunset have shared that they felt the presence of someone, ghostly shadows, strange lights and a special smell are also experienced by them. To add to the creepy feeling, the fort has no provision of electricity, which makes the bloodcurdling ruins even scarier.

There are several stories doing around which explain the condition of the fort. One of the numerous stories explaining the reason behind the ruins is that King Madho Singh when building the fort took the permission of the ascetic Guru Balu Nath, who meditated around this palace. The Guru gave him the permission with one condition that the shadow of the fort shall never touch his place of meditation. While building the fort, the King used luxuries and money and gradually the fort stood to the position where the shadow touched the Guru’s place and the entire fort turned into ruins. Another story suggests that there was a magician who fell in love with Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh. Understanding that the match is impossible, the magician planned to black magic on the princess to gain her. But the princess learned about his planning and found a way to kill him, before his death the magician cursed the town as a result of which it was totally destroyed.


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If you are interested in paranormal activities and would want to feel the eeriness then this fort is just ideal for you. Visit there and get to hear more of the stories and the first-hand experience of the natives about the various incidents that occurred around the fort.

2.    Kuldhara- Rajasthan


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There is always something grabbing and charming about ruins of castles and fortresses, but it is the ghost towns and villages which take away all our attention. The haunted towns and the stories behind them give us a chance to peep right into the lifestyle and the lives of the natives who once inhabited the place. From the pages of history, there is yet another town located in Rajasthan that defines spookiness at its best.

It is said that around 200 years ago, the town was happily inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins. The fate of the town turned when the minister of the state, Salim Singh, visited the place and fell for the beauty of the daughter of the chieftain. He expressed his desire to marry her and threatened the villagers that if they dare to stop him he will levy heavy taxes on them. Being against the marriage, the chieftain, his daughter and the villagers of around 83 villages left their ancestral home and migrated. According to the folklore, before moving out of the villages, they cursed the area that no one would ever be able to settle down there.


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Till date, the village is left abandoned and as you enter a strange, sad and eerie atmosphere welcomes you. The first look of the village itself is too daunting and gloomy and as you enter the village you will get to see the houses and the architecture of the area as it was left by the villagers who abandoned it. No one dares to stay there and spend a night in the village, as the people who showed their courage doing this faced some unnatural experiences and were scared to a great level.

Make a plan of visiting this village and exploring the crumbling walls of the houses which definitely will give you a prickly sensation in your body.

3.    The Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune


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The architectural brilliance of the Shaniwarwada fort can be seen through the high walls and the ruins of the fort which is still there. But it has managed to be on the list of the top palaces with haunted activities for the spooky occurrences that occur here. The supernatural activity of the fort is at its zenith on the nights of full moon.

The 13-storey palace which was built by Peshwa Bajirao I, in 1730 holds a very strong position when it comes to the architectural and the historical structure of India. The grand palace was built by the Peshwa keeping in mind every aspect of security and royalty, but since it’s very beginning the palace supposed to have brought bad luck for the Peshwa family. A series of events- Kashibai (Bajirao I’s first wife) being betrayed by her husband, Bajirao and Mastani’s terrific love story and the death of the Peshwa, everything hampered the happiness of the family. The paranormal activity that happens around the fort is all because of the power, betrayal, and greed. Madhavrao, Vishwasrao, and Narayanrao- the three sons of the Peshwa Nanasaheb, the son of Bajirao I, had saddening endings. After the death of his elder brothers, Madhavrao and Vishwasrao, Narayanrao, at the tender age of 17 years became the Peshwa, which led to the feeling of greed and jealously in his uncle, Raghunathrao, who invited the Gardi chief to capture Narayanrao, but his wife changed his message as a result to which the Gardi chief, sent professional Gardi assassins to kill the young Peshwa. He was hacked to pieces and his body was dumped in the river.


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The palace which was build up to nurture the heroic tales of Bajirao I became the example of treachery and pain. The fate of the fort was ill and in 1828 the palace experienced the major fire which ruined everything. Even today, the natives can hear the voice of a child shouting “Kaka! Mala Wachva!!”or “Uncle save me.” The agony of the voice can frighten you out to a great level.

If you really wish to take a look at the ruins of the Peshwa’s palace, it is recommended that you visit the palace during the day hours and especially avoid the premise on the moonlit nights!

4.    Feroz Shah Kotla Fort- New Delhi


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The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq from the Tughlaq dynasties, which once ruled Northern parts of India. As you step near the fort the structure seems to greet you with an eerie silence. There is something so creepy about it that you can sense it in the air.

Built in 1354, it is believed that djinns reside amidst the ruins and the dark alleys of the forts. Unlike the ghosts, the djinns are formless and can ‘live’ for many centuries. Other famous aspect related with djinns is that they can marry, can bear children and are attracted towards young women and girls. They can be good or bad and very harmful. The bad djinns make the young women their prey, especially when they are left unguarded or when they dry their hair.


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On every Thursday, the locals of the area light candles and incense sticks and offer milk and grain to appease the djinns as they believe that the djinns have the power to grant their wishes and give them solace. The reality of the djinns is not known yet, but the shadowy recess and the uncanny feel of someone staring at you can be too ghostly to experience.

Pay a visit to this haunted palace, but ladies beware of the djinns!

5.    Agrasen ki Baoli- New Delhi


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Raja Agrasen in the age of Mahabharata built this 104 red stone steps magnificent and exotic water temple. Located in today’s Delhi, this monument is today just a few walks away from the Jantar Mantar. The Agrasen Ki Baoli is considered to be the first of its kind step walls and water reservoirs and is known for its splendid architecture.

But it’s not its beauty, its architecture, and its uniqueness which has helped it to land on this list of haunted places. It’s the eeriness, the creepiness and the spookiness of the area is what has brought it here. The well which was built by Raja Agrasen has dried out but there are several mysteries surrounding the well, which leads to the feeling of eerie presence by the visitors. As you step down the well, the sound of the surrounding vanishes entirely and what remains is the echo of your own footsteps. The Baoli has turned into the house of thousands of bats and pigeons which adds to the creepiness of this well.


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Before it lost its water and shine, the Baoli was filled with black water which would call out to people strangely and ask them to scarify their lives. People get to feel something very eerie and uncanny in the vacuum silence of this well which adds to the spookiness of this place.

Do pay a visit to this baoli and step down to explore the unfamiliar…

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