Top 5 Spectacular Treehouses As Perfect Holiday Destination

Spending your holiday in a tree house amidst a jungle is a dream for many people. Situated on tree branches, several feet above from the ground, a tree house gives a spectacular view of the natural surrounding and is a treat for the eyes of the nature lovers. The popularity of these structures got a boost in the mid-1990s and since then there is no looking back. It has also encouraged people from around the globe to design, construct and build a mesmerizing structure which becomes a wonder in its own.

Some people live in trees out of their traditions, other out of the need of saving the environment and yet others to enjoy the luxury and explore the beauty of the nature. We bring to you a list of the top five beautifully designed and well-build structures of tree houses which you must pay a visit once in your lifetime. Check the list mentioned below:

1. The HemLoft, Canada


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Featured in the best international design magazines, this tree house is the result of the passion of Joel Allen, who retired as a software developer and to build this stunning piece for the world. Located in the peaceful woods of Whistler, Canada, this egg-shaped structured is a must see for every wanderer. This secret house is among the favorite places of several couples who would love to spend some quality time together amidst the lap of the nature.

If you are in love of nature and would love to be surrounded with it, then you must plan your stay at The HemLoft. The spectacular view of this hanging from the slope tree house is surely going to leave you mesmerized and speechless with its amazing shape and great architecture.

2. Lantern House, California

lantern tree house

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Located amidst three eucalyptus trees in Santa Monica, this lantern tree house is a beautiful piece of architecture that you cannot afford to miss. This is a masterpiece designed and crafted by Roderick Romero. 99 percent of this entire tree house is built with salvage hobble which included stained glass as well.

Amongst the few things on the planet that amuses you with its great structure and magical beauty, this creation stands among them. It promises to give you an ever-lasting forest experience that cradles your heart forever.

3. Minister’s House, Tennessee

largest treehouse of the world

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The Minister’s House is the largest treehouse of the world which sits in the lap of nature in Crossville. Result of a 14 years labor and build for Minister Horace Burgess, it is often known with the name of the minister. Standing 10-storey tall, this treehouse relies for its support on six trees and is constructed out of salvaged materials.

Make your tree memorable with a close view of this structure that is spread in an area of 12,000 square feet and is a home of a basketball court and a sanctuary. On the top of the structure you are greeted with Burgess’ flower garden that spells out J-E-S-U-S, this is the cherry on top of the cake. And here you are with a one-of-its-kind experience that you will love to share with your grandchildren…

4. UFO Tree House, Sweden

UFO treehouse

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Want to explore something out of the planet? How about a UFO treehouse? Yes, you read it right! A UFO tree house is born out of the idea of creating something different and unique and giving its visitors a wonderful out-of-the-box experience that will leave them in a complete awe. The structure can house only five people and possesses extremely unique facilities that serve as a wonderful escape to your childhood dreams. The interior of structure is set in the 1930’s to 1950’s setting and guarantees to take you through the breathtaking stroll.

The cutting-edge design and architecture of this tree house takes you to the universe and allures you excellently.

5. Mirror Tree House, Sweden

Mirror Tree House

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Take your partner magical world of mirrorcube. The invisible tree house is just a perfect place to run away from the world and is situated in the North of Sweden. Amidst the tree this is a wonderful hide-out that is surrounded and camouflaged with mirrored walls on all sides. Reflecting the surroundings it perfectly blends in the environment and is a wonderful place to hide with your partner.

The six windows that it consists of have a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding and is a significant venue for you to spend your holidays.

Running away from the anxiety, tight schedule and pressure of the world, the above mentioned secluded tree house from around the world, gives you a wonderful place to rest, relax, explore the nature and enjoy every moment of your holiday. Take your time out to spend some luxurious moment in the lap of pristine nature and feel the birds sing in their surreal voice, see the sun set and rise and wander around in the jungle or amidst the trees!

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