Top 5 Traits to Avoid While you are Traveling

Traveling is much more fun. We experience thrill and fun which is commonly associated with traveling. As you pack of your backpack and walk through the departure gates at the airport, you are mentally prepared that any unexpected can happens and that unknown part is the main appeal. Well the roads are difficult certainly not smooth but the challenges are nothing when compared with traveling annoying travel partner. Now we want your travel journey to be simply awesome so that you get the real essence of traveling. To help you with your traveling, here are six travel traits which should always be avoided at any costs.

1. The Inveterate Adventurer


These types of people are an open encyclopedia of various amusing anecdotes as well as near-death experiences just over a few cold drinks: however it is advisable that you book the trip at your own personal risk. You will always see that they are the ones who will convince everyone to just the barbed wire of a secret headquarters to see what happens. Well you will see that this person will surely lead you down a dark alley on the wrong tracks side.

You can be rest assured that these types of travelers will raise your blood pressure testing the liability of your travel insurance policies: These people are slightly self-centered with a disregard for personal safety. Please be safe and steer away from these types of people.

2. The Self-Styled Foodie

Styled Foodie

If you are travelling, you can indulge in accepting the food cultures but avoid being best friends with a porcelain bowl in the next 48 hours sharing a meal with a Self-Styled Foodie.

Now if you are in a foreign country and is with a plate of food which looks similar to something like a bug-spray you will surely not need someone who will spent a whole lot of ten minutes lecturing you on the local foods along with customs telling you about the benefits of endemic insects. Well if you wish to try something new, let it on your own terms without the interference of any food dictator.

3. The gullible Tourist

gullible Tourist

Gullible tourists are always a liability. They are usually the ones you have always to look for over your shoulder and make sure that they are not getting fooled by handing over wads of cash for rag believing that it is actually hand-woven by an ancient monks in a far-off mystical mountain range but is very similar to the rug you see in every shop you visit the other day.

It is certainly good that these travelers take everything at their face value but these are people who will likely strike a friendship with someone in a toilet of a nightclub at 5 am and tie some suspect packages to their body before their next plane ride.

4. Serial updater


This trait is exceptionally annoying as they are a danger to themselves as well as to anyone within five feet when taking a selfie stick. This serial updater ensures that every two minutes of your trip is well documented online in each and every social media in various types of filters. They spend a lot of time analyzing every travel experience and how to share it online in various types of filters. You are always in danger with them trying to take a photo to make it their DP while sitting in a park reading a book.

So if you are ever so unfortunate enough you may meet one of them who are more than willing to take you with themselves in every photo as well as the details they save while traveling. Avoid them so that you do not get bored.

5. The activity director


These group of people are those who are true devotee trying always to convince that theirs is the right way. Sometime they are trying to explain to you the benefits of getting up at 5am. For a 24-hour ride to view the sunrise just over the hill or lecturing you on a dress culture, these people always something or piece of advice to lecture you on anything as they are more willing to share something or the other with you.

Well after a week on the road, there are chances that you will get annoyed leaving this type of traveler tied to a tree.

Traveling is an open book of opportunities but surely can be problem if you are with a wrong person. The whole process may be stressful and bad companies will surely worsen your trip making you pray that the trip ends very soon freeing you of the extra trouble.

So consider a lot of things before traveling and choose your travel partners very carefully to certainly double up your extra-ordinary experience of traveling.

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