Top 5 Weirdest Trips around the Globe

Wanderlust has taken a U turn with tourists lining up behind out-of-the-box ideas and living them through excursions. Here I shall enlist top 5 weirdest trips all over the world. Quench the thirst of your adventurous spirit with indulging into these quirky set of tours.

Stoner’s Tour

Love your pot or it’s a member of your strict no to do list, cannabis themed custom tours are gaining popularity. Soak into the history of smoky cannabis tour that would let you try one or two puffs for hands on experience also.

One of the best places to find such tours is in Jamaica. Here you could peep into the inner chambers of a genius heart, Bob Marley, probably the biggest celebrity ganja smoker of all times. You may also opt for ganja walking tours at selected cafes of Amsterdam that are nicknamed to be the ‘red-eyed cafes’.

  • Marijuana tours of Jamaica: Heard about wine trips of Californian Napa Valley or whisky tours of Scotland, did you know about ganja tours of Jamaica? Shocked! Hold on a second and grasp your breath as this trip unravels hitherto hidden hearts of cannabis plantations which even offer Bob Marley’s favorite ‘sinsemilla’; ‘pineapple skunk’ or ‘purple kush’ to tourists.
    Obviously no trip could be translated into higher heights with a single item. This trip also has many other attractions. Reggae legend Bob Marley’s hometown at Nine Mile is a part of trip and the surrounding natural sceneries are just awesome- smeared with red soil and verdant green. One line of caution is this: pot smoking is still an illegal activity here.

Marijuana tours _Jamaica

  • Ganja walk tours at Amsterdam cafes: These are some of the best cafes at heart of Amsterdam and can be termed as workshops for pot smoking. A first timer can get all firsthand knowledge here.

Ganja_tours_Amsterdam cafes

Haunted Trips

Let us take a paranormal excursion and I shall guarantee you real excitement if not real terror. Two of the biggest haunted trips are the nightlong spooky tours in Hawaiian O’ahu Island and a seven day long haunted adventure journey in Ireland.

  • O’ahu ghost trips: Famous across the length and breadth, the Island of O’ahu is an acclaimed site for supernatural phenomenon. As is the nature of development many sacred burial places have been desecrated while making ways for roadways and buildings. Some of the roads have passed through Rainforests and past sacred caves. Tour operators would take you to past sacrificial grounds and even at most recent old World War-II hospitals which housed sick children.


  • Haunted Ireland adventure trips: Come for a seven day trip at most horrible places in Ireland. Befitting with associated legends and mysteries Ireland has its shares of eeriness reflected through notoriously famous ‘Leap Castle’ or ‘Castle Leslie’. Added bonanzas are pristine nature, culture and history of Ireland.


Live the Life of your Neighbor (from present or past)

This trip not only offers you freshness but also an interesting opportunity of getting into the role of a Japanese Sumo wrestler or an Amish householder. You can eat to your heart’s delight like a Sumo wrestler or a go for a time machine flashback of 60’s on a ‘Magic Bus’ tour.

  • ‘A day in the life of a Sumo wrestler’: Now this is once in a lifetime experience where you could watch the practice session of a Sumo wrestler; chit-chat with him during breaks; have ‘Chankonabe’ or a Sumo meal. You may challenge one of the wrestlers and feel his massive size up closely (of course it depends on your choice). During your meal, the ‘Oyakata’ or the stablemaster would give you finer details of a wrestler’s life.

Sumo wrestler

  • A day spent with an Amish family: Amish society generates significant curiosity among people in general. As many of us know that Amish strictly follow a traditional way of life and hold on strictly puritanical Christian tenets, do not traverse into their world if you do not possess a sense of respect towards them. For some days be prepared to shun many advantages of modern technologies.

day_spent_with_Amish family

  • Sightseeing trips of ‘Magic Buses’: This trip is held by the Antenna Theatre in San Francisco, California. Take on a reversing journey with this avant-grade, 2 hours theatre which would let you live the times of 1967.

Sightseeing_trips_‘Magic Buses’

Space Tours in Reality

Do not be discouraged with the bumpy roads ahead as future of space tours is bright. Already started through previous year, Branson lead ‘Virgin Galactic’ a taste of weightlessness of outer space. Before taking a plunge into this exciting journey, make sure you do not fall short of money (average ticket price being $250,000). Do not fall prey of failed SpaceShip Two accident on Oct. 31, 2014 but hope for the grand trip slated by this year end.

Space Tours

‘Living the Life of an Illegal Immigrant’

Yes you’ve got it right- this trip would let you live the life of an illegal immigrant. If you’re thinking that this tour would encourage more such illegal immigration activities, then you’re thinking opposite with the organizers. Get ready for this 7 hours long nerve wrecking journey at Parque Eco Alberto, an amusement park in Hidalgo province of Mexico.

  • Parque Eco Alberto’s Illegal Immigration trip: Guided by actors sporting the looks of illegal immigrants, feel the thrills of illegal border crossing aided with superb acting by fake smugglers and patrolling agents.

Illegal Immigration trip

Get ready to crawl behind barbed wires, successfully dodge patrolling cars through the desert hills of Mexico-US border. All the best!

If you are a true traveler you would surely love these trips for forcing you out of your comfort zone. Write us at our mail-id and post your comments. Please keep in touch and share your travel experiences because sharing is enriching.

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