Top Five Graveyards to See Before you Die

If you are considering a strange destination to visit on holiday, a huge number of people are now opting to visit cemeteries to visit. There is an inherent wish to feel the pulse of a haunted place. Well these places may or may not be haunted but these cemeteries should certainly be visited to see the real fascination. You may be interested to see the architecture or the artwork of the tombs or be a rich witness to the history of the area; these cemeteries are seriously worth visiting. Well here are some of the exclusive cemeteries of the world which are more certainly more fascinating than various other places of the world. Here are top five cemeteries of the world which are surely not to be missed.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

recoleta cementerio


Among the various places to visit in Buenos Aires, the one not to be missed is surely La Recoleta Cemetery or Cementerio de la Recoleta which offers a perfect glimpse into Argentine history. The most famous tomb here is that of Eve Peron along with various other Argentinean politicians, personalities and poets. The cemetery is very much like a city with wide avenues dividing into alleyways with lined up houses for families and individuals. There are many which are well maintained while there are many which have fallen into disrepair. In fact crypts are also being used as maintenance closets with cleaning supplies stored on top of coffins. There are many styles right from Egyptian to Gothic to Art Deco.

Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Louis Cemetery


This cemetery is actually the combination of three cemeteries and each and everyone is worth visiting. Though the one which is a must visit is the Saint Louis Cemetery. All the tombs here are above the ground with stone buildings concealing the bodies at a small distance from the visitors. Well the reason for this is that the ground water level in New Orleans is not perfect for burials. Well a tour guide is recommended. In fact one can practice Voodoo spell here with the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie LaVeau. Remember that tomb is not for faint-hearted.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

New York City


This area boasts of nearly 478 acres with nearly 600,000 graves and is a popular tourist attraction for those visiting New York City. A famous campaign was created to move famous bodies here with donation of monuments. At present, there are hundreds of ornate tombs for famous as well as non famous residents with the site remaining wide open. Most New Yorkers have made a name in the second half of the 19th century can be found here. There are also war memorials which serve as a grave marker for nearly 103 of the 300 victims of the fire of Brooklyn Theater.

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris, France



This one is located east of Paris’ city center and had become the most famous cemetery in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Well it was not that much popular. It is said to have opened in 1804 and after that a lot of popular people said to have been buried in Père-Lachaise right from Marcel Proust, Gertrude Stein, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Camille Pissarro, Édith Piaf, Marcel Marceau, Ticky Holgado, Max Ernst, Colette, Frederic Chopin, Sarah Bernhardt, and Honore de Balzac. You can seriously enjoy a great virtual tour here while planning a tour.

Highgate Cemetery, Highgate, London, U.K.

Highgate Cemetery East


The most amazing thing about Highgate cemetery is its setting. It is located in a fairly wooded area so that complex monuments along with simple gravestones are surrounded by ferns, wildflowers and trees. The cemetery is not much improved and the grounds particularly in the west cemetery are still in the rough terrain in some places. The most famous one is the tomb of Karl Marx with various other Victorian celebrities boasting fascinating monuments here.

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