Top Five monasteries which are beautiful in itself

Spiritual awareness are often the motto or the wish which many which many devotee travelers bear while they are traveling to some place. Monasteries are the exclusive blend of great architecture along with places where one serves god as well humanity. The world is full of great and grand splendor which will surely continue to astonish you when you set your foot outside the home.

There are many monasteries which symbolizes the relics of history along with providing the right spiritual enlightenment. When you are visiting the serene environment of monasteries located on secluded locations, your soul will be filled with complete bliss and satisfaction. Now to be very honest, there are numerous monasteries spread the entire globe some more beautiful than the other ones. But to make your more easy, here are top 5 monasteries of the world which you compel you to skip town immediately.

1. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


This beautiful monastery is made from magma plug right from an extinct volcano. This one is beautifully visible from the plains that surround central Sri-Lanka. This monastery has a proper elliptical shape along with a sloping top which gives an aesthetic look. Here you will also find several types of gardens among which one has water features, terraced gardens and boulders. All these bear rich resemblance to history saying that this one was once a palace converted into a monastery after his death. The entrance of this one is in shape of a lion’s claw with a staircase leading to the frescoes which are very similar to the Ajanta Style paintings. This one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to reach: This one is located 175 km north-east of the popular capital Colombo near the towns of Habarane and Dambulla. You can get there by road but there are bus service running every 30 minutes right from Dambulla taking 40 minutes.

2. Ki Gompa, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Ki Gompa

Well this is located in a very tiny village of Ki on a 4116 m hill and is the largest gompa or monastery located in the Spiti Valley. This one is the residing place for around 300 monks performing the daily rituals from 7 AM. This one is opened for visitors and attracts a wide lot of visitors during Ki Chaam Festival and Losar.

How to reach: The village of Ki is located just about 12 km from Kaza and is just 200 km drive from Manali.

3. Taktsang or Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan


This monastery is said to be the start of Buddhism in Bhutan. This monastery has a beautiful prologue of the Rinpoche just flying right across the Himalayas right on the back of a tigress to practice meditates in the cave. The backdrop of the monastery is beautiful Paro Valley being situated on a cliff of 700 metres in height. This monastery is open to tourists just on special permits.

How to reach there: The journey to Taktsang is approximately a 1 hour and 45 minute trek right from Paro. You can ride a horse and rest properly.

4. Montserrat Monastery, Catalonia, Spain

Montserrat Monastery

In the honor of black Madonna, there are many tourists who travel to this monastery as this statue stands right in the basilica of the monastery. In her honour, hymns are usually sung every day by 50 choir boys.
This monastery is strategically with a side view of the surrounding Catalonian landscape .Here in the museum of Montserrat monastery, you can see Dali, El Greco, Monet or Gordano.

How to reach there: This monastery is located just 45 km north west of Barcelona and is very well accessible by car as well as train.

5. Yumbulagang Monastery, Tibet

Yumbulagang Monastery

This one is known to be the first building in Tibet perched high above on a hill with a proud history of nearly 2,000 years. This one was reputed to the emperor’s palace till the 7th century but later became a Buddhist monastery. You will be impressed with its walls which are painted with beautiful murals demonstrating the early history of Tibet.

There is beautiful watchtower which is said to be the highest point in the monastery providing a panoramic view of the surroundings.

How to reach there: This monastery is located very near to the town of Tsedang and is just a 20 minute walk away. You can opt for donkey or Yak ride.

That completes list of top five monasteries. Just pay a visit to this exclusive place and gather the memorable experience to spend a lifetime.

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