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Top Five Places Where Sun Usually Never Sets

A 24 hour to 20 hour daytime as well as sunlight along with proximity to the pole for an extended time period means that for weeks and months altogether as it is bright and sunny. These places usually have fixed geographic location and close to the poles of the earth. This phenomenon occurs because the earth is tilted on its axis by 23 degree.

These popular phenomena are observed more near the North Pole, the Arctic Circle to the reasons that they have human settlements. In fact in the southern regions near the Antarctic Circle, this is only experienced by scientists and adventurer. At the South Pole, the sun rises on September 21and does not set till March 22.

There are various countries along with areas which borders the Arctic Circle where one can plan an exotic holiday. Well there are some areas which include northernmost parts of Canada, Finland, Sweden, Greenland, Norway, Alaska, Iceland and more.

Are you planning a vacation to the places/place where the sun never sets or is addressed as the land of midnight sun, a place where one can see sun past midnight? Here are top five destinations where sun never sets.

  1. Norway

midnight sun in Northern Norway

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Because of Norway’s high latitude, there are various seasonal variations in the daylight. In the summer months or from late May to late July, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon in areas north of the Arctic Circle. So if you wish to experience a complete daytime with nearly 20 hours of daylight per day. If you wish to experience a complete daytime, plan a visit to the Northern Norway where the sun never sets. You can book a cycle tour, go sea kayaking, golfing or take a cruise to soak in the experience of the days of midnight sun in Northern Norway.

  1. Iceland

Iceland midnight

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A country full of beautiful along with varied landscapes with an ethereal quality where one can visit waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and geysers or go camping and diving. Take a ride on the Icelandic horses or play the leisure sport of golf at any of the 65 golf courses at midnight.

  1. Canada

midnight sun yukon

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In Inuvik and Northwest Territories, Canada, there is daytime for about 50 days during the summer! Fishing along with hunting as well as participating in the Great Northern Arts Festival, or playing golf on the tundra and also participating in the Midnight Sun Fun Run which usually starts at midnight on the weekend which is closest to the summer solstice with some activities which one can enjoy when one visit these places where the sun usually never sets.

  1. Sweden


midnight sun in Stockholm

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When in Sweden, you can exclusively enjoy the midnight sun in Stockholm which is the capital city of Sweden where the sun sets right around midnight and then rises again at 4.30 am in the morning. There are 14 islands of Stockholm and is also located at the place where Lake Malaren joins the Baltic Sea with 30% of Stockholm is made up of waterways. Take a ride right on the waters to see the midnight sun.

Skansen is another Swedish town which is the replica of the 19th century Sweden with traditional houses, artisans and trades people. In fact Skansen has the oldest open air museum in the world which is open at the time when one can enjoy night golf right in broad daylight, no less! When one is in Sweden, going for night hiking in the mountains at Abisko National Park or Lapporten right in the Swedish Lapland is perfect ideal attraction.

  1. Finland


midnight sun Finland

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When you are visiting the country of midnight sun namely Finland, skiing, cycling, hiking and rock climbing are some activities where you can have fun. Just plan your holiday to Finland during the Finnish National Holiday of Midsummer when people can light bonfires, or go for fishing or boating.

Try and enjoy basking in the midnight sun of these countries while planning an exclusive visit to the above the top five countries to enjoy midnight sun.

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