Locals say the owner of Ohio’s Milan Mansion was a practicing witch.

Top Five Scary Places to Arrange a Tour

Well ghost tours can surely be thrilling but surely can be a little creepy and underwhelming. There are though some places which have taken the ghost tours to whole new level – with guest participation. Check out a variety of some of the truly scary ghost tours where ghost enthusiasts can spend the night in the haunted places as well as experience paranormal activity with ghost-detecting devices as well as communicating with the dead. Face the ultimate, interactive ghost experiences.

1. Q Station

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This popular heritage hotel right inside Sydney Harbour National Park is a former quarantine station from the 1800s. Immigrants right from 1830 to 1884 who were carrying suspected contagious diseases were quarantined here for nearly 40 days. Plenty of deaths have occurred in this station nearly 600! And some individuals never leave. One of the most haunted places in all of the Australia, Q Station offers a various ghost tours but the most thrilling is the Ghostly Sleepover. After a late-night tour of the most haunted buildings, guests have the opportunity to carry their own sleeping bags and stay the night in the doctor’s and nurses’ rooms known for spirit activity.

2. Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Nuclear Bunker

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This one is surely not for faint of heart! At Hack Green Nuclear Bunker, it is known to be one of the UK’s most secret defense sites, paranormal tours are held in total isolation and complete darkness. The bunker’s site has been home to various battles and deaths for more than 500 years. The bunker itself is a vast underground labyrinth of creepy rooms and corridors with paranormal investigations as well as tours which ends around 4 a.m. Ghost fans can easily bring the own sound-recording equipment they want to capture the voice of the Commanding Officer or keep an eye out for two ghost dogs.

3. The Blumhouse of Horrors


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Well Los Angeles’s most haunted theater is usually closed to the public but throughout October, the building is open for a thrilling journey right into the past. The Variety Arts Theatre saw a bone chilling tale unfold in the year 1930s. Well the theater owner’s wife desperately wanted to be with magician’s assistant. Then she climbed into the magic box and never came back. This place is reported to be wanted by a deceased actor dressed in Shakespearean costume. Even with 40 actors in staged scares, one is bound to experience the real ghosts which linger inside. The attraction runs till the beginning of November and it is one of the rare times where public will have a chance to enter the building.

4. The Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel’s

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This hotel is so haunted that it literally inspired Stephen King to write The Shining Opened in 1909, the historic hotel was said designed by the architect F.O. Stanley and is notorious for various paranormal visitors. You can still meet F.O.’s wife can seen and often playing the piano with children are heard laughing late in the night and well as objects go missing. The fourth floor seems to be the hot spot for ghost activity. The Stanley Hotel’s Ghost Hunt offers guests the chance to see ghosts with actual ghost hunters.

5. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

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Legend has it this mansion was built to accommodate spirits, thanks to the kooky woman who lived here. The resident here Sarah Winchester held brightly séances to communicate with the dead right with the daughter and husband. The house has secret passageways along with twisting hallways with a window built right into the floor as well as stairs which lead actually nowhere. The house offers properly arranged daily tours with sightings and incidents are said to have reported frequently even by those people who do not believe in ghosts. The annual “Fright Nights” give visitors with the opportunity to experience a large interactive maze right throughout September and October.

So if you do not believe in anything supernatural then prepare yourself to plan an exclusive guided ghost tour to the Top 5 Spookiest Ghost Tours of the world.

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