14 Must Visit Destination For Women Who Wish To Travel Solo

Travelling on your own may not be an easy task as it may include lots of precautions and restrictions when it is the question of women on a tour solo. There are certain solo travel strategies which should be used accordingly with safe travel policies for enjoying a solo trip to the region.

1. Piketberg, Western Cape


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Situated in the Western Cape, South Africa which is located 50 miles east of Saldanha Bay is the city of Piketberg. This quiet and tranquil village offers exclusiveness in its best form with just a farm cottage for 10 days. For a writer, this place is in-short perfect choice by starting the morning with a tea at followed by breakfast and casual work, eat broccoli and then venture into the nearby village for beer and company.

Where to stay: There is old Kapteinskloof Guest House very near Piketberg right in Western Cape with a beautiful historic cottage where you can see exposed thatch and beans. The cost here is R250 pp (the cottage provides accommodation for two or six).

2. Bolivia


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One of the best international Solo trips can certainly take place in Bolivia. This is small landlocked country where one can try to make a solo trip to the mountain area of Sorata by taking a three hour ride. The calm and quietness of the place is something which will surely attract you in the best way.

Where to stay: One can stay at Altai Oasis which is good value eco-lodge just outside the village of Sorata where you can get comfortable cottages. The price starts from R280 pp.

3. Inner-city Johannesburg, Gauteng


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Wander around like a teenager exploring the Joburg’s inner city. The skyscraper, the Southern Life Building is certainly one of the places where taxis to Pimville Zone 1, Soweto are lined up. This can surely be the North Star. You can enjoy the city in a marvelous way with gems of old buildings with best bargain buys on the street.

Without a proper guidance leading to the cities can be surely difficult.

Where To Stay: On the 58 Anderson, there is the Reef Hotel with lovely views of Johannesburg Skyline if you can get a room right on the top floors. It is right next to Standard Bank Headquarters. Try to visit the Standard Bank Gallery with R1055 per room.

4. Kampala, Uganda


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One of the safest places to visit exclusively for young women is the region known as Kampala. In Kampala, young women are walking the streets well past midnight which will create a desire to really party. Try negotiating with private taxi drivers who will drive from spot to spot and then wait for a fair price. Try the AirBnB rental who will organize Boda drivers for zipping around hilly suburbs.

Where to Stay: Yellow Haven, a beautiful place which overlooks Lake Victoria has a pool along with modern rooms. The rates start from R650 per person sharing. Our AirBnB in a private residence are surely at R746 per night for two people.

5. Balule Satellite Camp, Kruger National Park


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The place is named after “ Balule” after the Tsonga word for Olifants River where there are small number of campsites with just 18 in total. This satellite camp is an incredibly intimate and wild bushveld experience. All the sites and six rondavels are surrounded by fence which is surely the only barrier between hyenas and you which keep in mind to patrol the camp border every night.

Where to Stay: From the main Olifants Rest Camp right in the centre of the park, Balute Satellite Camp is just around the corner. There one can even spot the elusive Pel’s fishing owl. The exclusive rondavels are surely very basic with excellent shared facilities and then prefer camping. Right from R285 for two people, who are camping and from R415 for two people is charged in a rondavel.

6. Botswana


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Try to make a 10-day road trip through Botswana right up into Zamberi Region on an open car and be assured not to feel threatened. Try camping the way around the country right before heading into Namibia.

Where to Stay: There are some quirky finishes at Planet Baobab. This is surely a great base where one can check the nearby Makgadikgadi Pans. The price starts at R840 per person sharing twin huts which will include breakfast.

7. Port St Johns, Eastern Cap


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The favourite memory of Vuyi Qubeka is dancing around in pasanda in a local spot in Maputo, Mozambique. Try travelling solo to Port St Johns is surely one of the favorite sojourns which is reveled in the natural beauty with affordability and friendliness of people. It is easy to drive to village and there are minibus taxis where one can walk and enjoy walking.

Where to stay: There are various backpackers where one can make friends and then arrange day jaunts with reliable suggestions about various things to do, see and eat. One of the favorite spot is Amapondo. The rates vary from R100 per person for dorms with R390 for a double room. There is also option of camping for R90 per person.

8. Bus to Harare, Zimbabwe


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Not a very conventional trips but instead a Christian bus taking you to Harare, Zimbabwe for a wonderful tour. Try sitting on a double decker bus with excellent views of Beit Bridge. You can meet various communities here on during the trip right at the border stops which can be different. It will feel safe and you can observe the movement right across the borders which they take every day.

Where to Stay: Try to stay in Harare at the gracious 100-year Meikles hotel which starts at R1820 per person.

Try to take one-way Intercape bus ticket from Johannesburg to Harare from R450 per person.

9. Agulhas National Park, Western Cape


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Right to the southernmost tip of Africa is the South African National Parks in the Cape region. This can prove to be a favorite visit and surely a unique visit with just two-and-a half hour drive from Cape Town offering an opportunity for thoughts for turning sheep-dotted hills and sleepy towns with towering churches for keeping the eyes amused.

Where To Stay: Agulhas Rest Camp is the best place with serenity. Nothing can beat sitting there on the deck with one of equipped wooden chalets and smelling sea mist-kissed fynbos and try listening to an orchestra of birdsong and gaze out at the ocean. The rates may vary from R1100 per unit to park entry R37 per person.

10. Mumbai, India


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This is surely not a not like the other counterparts but it surely has lots to offer. After arriving in Mumbai, you can head off to the streets and do plan to get lost. There is the bustling, sound-filled along with color-coated manic city with half an hour of wandering. If you ask a stranger about the location, he may be concerned and aghast that you are traveling Mumbai unaccompanied but trust it that it is surely a safe place to visit if you wish to enjoy the exclusiveness.

Where To Stay: There are lots of humble stays in the region. You can various ranges of accommodation which can range from expensive ones to the ones certainly within your budget. One of such gorgeous boutique is Hotel Abode which has chic and locally inspired décor with hand-crafted tiles, vintage Indian furniture and excellent artworks. Cost for two is from R950.

11. Jacobsbaai, Western Cape


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There is the exclusive chilly ocean with windswept landscapes and excellent white-washed cottages of the West Coast hideaway offering a solo visit. This place is quiet enough and certainly free of leering tourists but certainly small enough for making you feel safe. Take a walk around beaches with the dirt road giving an easy drive. Now if you are fetish for foods, buy oysters for R8 from Charlie’s Fish Shop in Saldanha along the way. This is about 20 minutes from Paternoster with excellent dining options.

Where to stay: Stay at Klokkiebosch guesthouse with high ceilings and an opulent ambience. There is the lovely balcony with glass front room giving you a cosy nook to read no matter whatever the weather is. The charges are also reasonable starting from R890 for a loft room which excludes breakfast.

12. Sri Lanka


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Discovering south-east Asia in a beautiful way is with Sri Lanka. This place is called India Lite with all the checklist of items of the dream island vacation with traveling felt safe. Apart from the town of Kandy which is full of tourist, there is not a single place which is hustled.People are friendly and polite here with the zeal of adventure in them. Take a visit to the ancient ruins with tea farm tours to palm-fringed beaches which is frequently visited by turtles and blue whales. The best part is you can get everything in a single three-hour private van ride.

Where To Stay: Chamodya Homestay In Ella is small town in south with views of waterfall tumbling right out of lush vegetation. There is a woman who runs it and they will bring you sporadic pots of tea. The charges are R530 for a double room which includes breakfast.

13. Montagu, Western Cape


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The favorite part of Montagu is driving to it with the natural rock archway which is offer an official entrance to this quaint town. There are various small town features with little churches, vineyards, good food, beautiful mountain escapes and hikes. There is also the Leiwater birding site right in the middle of town with sacred ibis, egrets and cormorants and various others.

Where To stay: One of the favorite South African opportunity to enjoy tranquility is farm cottage which is surrounded by olive grove. There is the wrap around veranda with tempting daybed. The cost for two ranges from R1900 for two, R650 per person extra which offers sleeps for four.

14. Kigali, Rwanda


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The first thing to notice about Kigali is surely the clean streets. There are are hordes of taxi motos which are whizzing around with passengers clinging on to it. The main mode of transport is safe and dirt cheap. You can also travel right between sprawling suburbs and wander alone with camera by your side. The city has nothing to offer except friendliness with colorful contradictions.

Where to Stay: This accommodation is a little pricey but certainly reputable Lemigo. This is a huge four start hotel which is well situated with access to both airport and CBD with staff that are happy to help you about getting around the city. The price may range from R2020 per person which includes breakfast.

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