Best Things To Do Around The World In August

Planning a break from the hectic schedule of your daily life? Want to relax amidst nature and explore the beauty of the scenic background? Plan your trip in August. Yes. It’s the best time of the year to soak up on a beach or to explore wild regions of the world while enjoying a soothing and calming weather.

August is the best month to do everything starting from whale watching on the western coast of Australia to taking a tour to encounter jaguars in the wetlands of Brazil. In order to check out the nature at its best, you ought to step out from your home in this month of the year.

There are several interesting things and activities that you can do around the world. Get indulged in the most interesting listed below:


Mokoro Journeys In The Delta Of Okavango In Botswana

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In the Botswana region, August is the month of azure skies and pleasurable temperature. The delta region of Okavango River is also at its best in this month. The water takes months to reach its resting place in this delta and in August the water in the region is at its highest. Okavango is the famous inland delta of the world. It is known for its unique feature- the fresh waters from the highlands of Angola doesn’t pour into any sea or ocean; instead it evaporates in the African sun and also sinks into the sands of the Kalahari region. It gives rise to floras that are native to the region and also is a best place for living for the epochal African animals that migrate here in large numbers.

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Visiting this part of the world in August gives you two incredible benefits- taking pleasure of watching the native wildlife in large numbers and experiencing the areas of the inner delta being accessible by mokoro.  If you are with your loved one, then penetrating deep into the surreal environment of the delta must be a to-do thing in your list. If you are with your friends then try out the safari in this area- venture further afield and indulge in the epic wildlife sightings in the modern powerboats.


Whale Watching In Western Part Of Australia

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Have you ever wished to see a whale through your naked eyes? Don’t you think this is an unforgettable experience? Yes, it is marvelous experience. Pack your bags and get ready to experience watching whales in Australia.


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It is estimated that around 30,000 humpback whales migrate to the western coast of Africa every year in this part of the year. The Unesco-listed, Ningaloo Reef en route experienced the migration every year and thus it is the best time to be there. Ningaloo is a retreat for marine life including dolphins, turtles, manta rays and dugongs. If you are an adventure lover then here is good news for you- Ningaloo is considered as one of the best places of the world to swim with the whale sharks! Lured by the idea? Plan for the trip today.


Medieval madness in Visby (Sweden)


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Are you in awe with the Middle Ages? Explore the enigma and elegance of the era by paying a visit to Visby this August. Medeltidsveckan, Unesco listed largest festival of the world celebrating the Middle Ages is organized for seven days every year in Visby.


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People from all around the world become a part of this marvelous fiesta that takes them back in the medieval era without the time machine! Music, story-telling, crafts and over 500 events throughout the week, this is a major attraction of the Gnostic town of Visby in Sweden. If you are all set to step off a boat to enter the medieval era and step back in time, book your tickets early as the festival is scheduled to run from 7th to 14th August this year and is expected to get more than 40,000 visitors.


Jaguar spotting in Pantanal, Brazil


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The entire world will set its eye on Brazil this August as the Olympics is all set to take place in Rio de Janeiro. Though the limelight will be all upon the Marvelous City of Rio De Janeiro, but the travelers headed for the Games should take into account moving a bit westward to stop and indulge in wildlife watching.


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Pantanal is the top destination of the country for watching and exploring rare wildlife of the region. Also known as world’s largest wetland and inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pantanal is known as the home to varied species of birds and fauna like jaguars, claimans and capybaras. If you are a nature and adventure lover then August is the prime time and Pantanal is the prime region for you. Spotting Jaguar in its natural habitat is an achievement worth cherishing throughout your life. During this part of the year it becomes easier to spot the jaguar against the vibrant green grass that crops up from the muddy banks.

You can also gain access to canoeing, horseback riding and hiking trails that are offered by the eco-lodges where you plan to take your shelter. So, if you are ready for the Olympics, also pack your bag for some fun and adventure in Brazil.


Taking Part In La Tomatina In Spain

La Tomatina

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For every fun loving people who love to take part in some exotic and wonderful events around the world- La Tomatina is the best event to attend. The town of Bunol is a famous typical tourist spot that draws large number of tourists every year during its popular La Tomatina, it is the biggest food fight of the world. Every year it takes place on the last Wednesday in August where tones of tomatoes are hurled out on the streets and people throw it on each other.

In awe with this idea? Don’t think that everyone can attend it. The popularity of the festival has increased so drastically that it is not ticketed. So, book your ticket in advance and get ready for an exotic and erotic one-of-its-kind experience or else just sit idle in your home and better luck next time!


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Late summer is the most popular time to travel. It is the time when the season enters in its twilight phase where the trees are green, the sky is blue and the world around you is covered in different hues. Its steadily comfortable temperatures and abundance of vegetation allows you to experience the large number of faunas in its natural habitats. If you are planning a holiday with your family or friends during this time of the year then you are lucky enough as most of the celebrated and highly awaited events around the world take place in August. Satisfy your thirst for exploiting the unexploited and for being a part of some of the most engaging and popular events and festivals around the globe.

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