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Christmas Food Traditions from All Across the World

Well the Christmas is already here and nothing is better than a grand feast with all the excellent dishes right on your plate. Now with the festive season sinking in, you must be worried about what all food you wish to have. Here is the list of exclusive foods which will surely make you feel wonderful right on the Christmas Day.

Well there are various Christmas traditions which are prevalent across the world. Some of us prefer to eat turkey or a plate full of ham while some prefer a plate full of roasted lamb to make their Christmas Eve more special.  There is common theme throughout the world where food plays a great importance. Each and every country has its staples as foods are classic and must on every table. Take a look at the few countries where you will get some of the exclusive and interesting Christmas dinner traditions.


Well in France, the Christmas season is addressed as Noel and it starts on 6th of December. Christmas is surely a very special holiday which comes as a 12 days of holiday celebration in France. There are lots of feasting as well as familial gathering right on this night called as Le Reveillon which is a late supper happening on Christmas day.

Bûche de Noël: This one is a French classic with a big Yule log cake setting the iconic image of Christmas. This cake has it fixed place right on the table of the holiday season.

Bûche de Noël


Punitions: Simple and sweet, these easy to make shortbreads are a treat that will take you back to Christmas’s of your childhood–when you’d help your parents in the kitchen and notice as the smell of delicious treats filled the house




The Christmas in Germany starts on the 6th of December which starts with decorations, making gifts as well as delicious sweet treats. Right on Christmas Eve, the tree is usually set up with wreaths hanging from Santa Claus.

Pfeffernüsse Cookies: This are covered in powdered sugar with full of mix warm spices, these cookies are famous as a part of Christmas tradition in Germany.



Früchtebrot: Who said that fruitcake was a bad idea but it is surely the best possible idea to try as it is fresh out of the oven with the sweetness of honey along with dried fruit mixture.



Glühwein: This is a special mulled wine which is made with cloves, lemon, and cinnamon making it a must and tastes surely good and it is already-made wine brought from German markets.

Mulled wine



In Italy, Christmas is a very quiet as well as family holiday. Children send letters right to their parents telling them to send letters to Santa. 25th December holds an important significance. There are many holidays which are leading up to Christmas holding grand feasts.

Struffoli: The lemon gives these nuggets of fried dough the perfect kick. Moreover there is the dash of sugar sprinkled making a prettiest bite right on the Christmas Eve.



Panettone: This can be made into bread or muffins but regardless of how you make it, the flavors of the fruit as well as nuts compliment each other in the Italian sweet bread.



Amaretti: The slight almond tastes in the cookies really capture the warm feeling perfect for the holiday season. There are few ingredients which are a quick easy recipe visit for the table.




The Christmas Eve in Sweden is full of celebration along with feasting and gift making it the biggest celebration of the St. Lucia’s Day celebrated on the 13th of December. Here kids dress in white dresses carrying candles celebrating the celebration.

Swedish Meatballs: Swedish Meatballs are not just anything. Swedish Christmas are packed with flavors of onion to espresso perfect for any Christmas table.

Swedish Meatballs


Risgrynsgröt: Sweet with the perfect amount of cinnamon spice, this classic rice pudding is perfect for dessert on Christmas.



Lussekatter: These little buns are perfectly filled with sweetness and are eaten every year in Sweden on St. Lucia’s Day. This one of the perfect moist and delicious buns.




Christmas is a very religious holiday right on the night of Christmas Eve, families go to midnight mass as well as hang leaves of basil to keep away the evil spirits. This is a great day for family togetherness and celebration.

In Greece, Christmas is a very religious holiday. On the night of Christmas Eve, families go to midnight mass and hang sprigs of basil to keep away the evil spirits known as the Killantzaroi. It is also a day of great family celebration and togetherness.

Kourabiedes: These melt right in the mouth and are busting with flavor of almond extract with coating of powdered sugar making the bites good to eat.



Christopsomo: An important Christmas tradition is delicious with “Christ’s Bread” baked on Christmas Eve with best possible ingredients but this is not available until dinner on Christmas Day.



Baklava: This one is an exclusive Greek dish taking more importance right during the holiday season. This dish incorporates the whole family taking in the spirit of the holidays in Greece.




In Poland, this one is beginning of the Christmas season. Here you will understand the true meaning of holidays. This meal is called Wigilia and giant feast for family and friends as they celebrate the Christmas season.

Chrusciki: This one is a delicious dish of little bow ties of fried dough with orange zent as well as sour cream and shot of whiskey making an interesting holiday meal.



Makowiec: This one is a moist cake with sugary glaze and a sweet with poppy seed which is an exclusive dessert worth trying at some pint of the holiday season.





The Russian Orthodox calendar follows the Julian calendar where the festive season starts from December 31st till January 10th. Families enjoy Christmas dishes in a “common bowl” symbolizing the unity and love.

Russian Tea Cakes: Another butter cookie recipe, this one adds walnuts adding crunch to the sugary goodness.

Russian Tea Cakes


Russian King Cake: This one is fun recipe with three layers of Russian King Cake offering rich sweetness with the goodness of poppy seeds.

Russian King Cake



Well Canada is full of Christmas traditions as this country as diverse background. Some celebrate it with French traditions with German and English traditions. It offers food eaten during Christmas Eve.

Shortbread Cookies: This one is a favorite cookie melting in your mouth shortbreads topping the list. And the ease as well the deliciousness of the cookies is perfect.

Shortbread Cookies


Nanaimo Bars: These bars offer three layers of deliciousness. The bottom offers a sweet crunch giving the middle with rich custard and smooth with chocolate sweetness.

Nanaimo Bars



In Australia Christmas are the hottest months of the year. There are many people who hang Christmas wreaths and spend the season with outdoor Christmas carols. There are foods as well as option of outdoor barbeques.

Pavlova Meringue with Raspberries, Banana, and Passion Fruit: Biting gooey meringue infused with flavors of summertime fruits changing your concept of Christmas desserts.



Sugar Plum Pudding with Anise and Cajeta: The caramel glazing fruity pudding adds flavors already there in Australian Christmas.



Christmas Mince Pies: This is a great food which said to have started in Great Britain with bite sized treats making it the most versatile Christmas. This can also be made with fruit.

Christmas Mince Pies



Right in Mexico, Christmas is the time which lasts from December 12th till January 6th. Children celebrate the story of Mary and Joseph. And here Children do not get presents till the last day till January 6th.

Bacalao: This one is not a common dish in various countries but this salt cod offers exciting flavors with spices and vegetables capturing the essence of Mexico right during the holiday season.



Tamales: They take some time and effort; these spicy tamales are bursting with authentic flavor giving Christmas a classic Mexican kick.



Snowballs: These ones are another variation of butter cookie tasting nothing like previous one. You can get flavored nuts to chocolate chips baked into the cookies.

snowball butter cookie



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