Countries offering the spiciest foods for your taste buds

Well an invincible part of traveling is off course indulging in exclusive food items which are a specialty of some particular regions. Well to be honest all the foodies out there, usually classifies foods into two broad categories namely baked and healthy food and off course the mouth-watering delicious spicy food fit for all the food lovers. Now if you wish to enjoy a dish of delicious food which will surely stir your taste buds then the best advice will surely be to visit the countries which will take you onto the land of spices.

In case you are wondering which will be the countries to visit to taste the best possible spicy dishes then here are some of the exclusive suggestions of the countries where the kitchen and their experts cooks some of the spiciest dishes possible.



Well if you are looking for a perfect comparison then chillies to Mexico are certainly very similar to what onions are to India. Let us get this straight that you do need a tongue of fire to handle exclusive Mexican cuisine. The main ingredients of any Mexican dish are four types of hot chillies namely Ancho, Poblano, Serrano and off course Habanero.

The spiciest dish in Mexico is Pozole.

Sri Lanka


The country of Sri-Lanka is famous for a wide lot of things. Apart from the popular swift bowlers, Sri Lanka is also known for its fiery cuisine. Made from the exclusive sambol chilli sauce, the dishes of Sri-Lanka does need someone daring to try it.

Spiciest dish in Sri Lanka: Kukul Mas Curry



Well this hilly country offers exclusive tourism opportunity to travelers coming here from all across the globe. Bhutan usually considers chillies to be a vegetable so they use it in excess in their dishes. The best and the perfect example is their national dish Ema Datshi which consists of rice covered in cheese and chillies.

Spiciest dish in Bhutan: Ema Datshi



Ethiopian cuisines are certainly very spicy because of a powered spice mixture called berbere which is mostly sprinkled on most of the dishes. Trust me why eating this dish, you would not seriously able to control your tear.

Spiciest dish in Ethiopia: Doro Wat is a chicken stew made up of boiled eggs, the exclusive one giving you most of it.



We are all aware of the famous dish Jerk Chicken which is the gift of Jamaica to the world. The spiciest Jamaican dish is Jamaican curry goat which includes the flavor of deadly scotch bonnet peppers. To save you some of the hell created by pepper, this dish is served with coconut milk and potatoes which will make your tongue feel better.

Spiciest dish in Jamaica: Jamaican curry goat.



Now Korean cuisine is all about the preparation with kimchi. This is a hot condiment which is made of Napa cabbage as well as other vegetables along with crushed red chillies and the dish is so exclusive that it is making people in the West weep.

Spiciest dish in Korea: Buldak which is translated to fire chicken in English.



If your tongue is longing for the best seafood then prepare to challenge your taste buds with Otak Otak which is a fish cake well served in banana leaf which is steamed. The dish on seeing surely look bland but when feel like thousand of chillies tasted are bursting in your mouth. The procedure of preparing this dish is easy with dried chillies well blended with dried chillies blended with fish that is minced along with belacan and galangal which is a root crop looking very similar to that of ginger but surely does not bear the same taste.

Spiciest dish in Malaysia: Otak Otak



When it is the question of Thai food, then Thai green curry is the perfect choice. Right from soups to rice, Thai food can be free heavy on your stomach. If you are beef-lover then order Phat Phrik will surely be the best possible choice. Well remember that this dish is certainly not for faint tongued.

Spiciest dish in Thailand: Phat phrik khing



It is certainly not your favorite Italian Pizza here. Italian cuisine does have some extra spicy sauces which go excellently well with sausages and meat balls. Another extra zing is added to the dishes with Cayenne and sautéed green chilies.

Spiciest dish in Italy: Fiery Angel Hair Pasta



Well for any foodie, China is surely a delightful place. But if you wish to savor the fieriest delicacies then it better to head to Sichuan province which brings to you mouth-watering hot dishes.

You will get dishes like steamed fish heads as well as soups which are well covered with flower peppers which will store on your tongue your lifetime of spices.

Spiciest dish in China: Sichuan Hot-Pot



There is aji, an important notorious chilli in Peru which will infact turn your cheeks red even. Aji de gallina is a national dish of Peru which is an excellent dish stewed in spicy sauce made up of cheese, milk, walnuts and aji.

Spiciest food in Peru: Papa a la Huancaina is salad made of boiled yellow potatoes well served cold in Huancaina, a sauce made of lettuce, white corn kernels, black olives as well as hardboiled egg.



Last but not the least comes India. India is a land of spices. The hottest chilli in the world Bhut Jolokia is available in India only. The land of different cuisines as per the states offers the exclusive opportunity to taste various exclusive cuisines. Rajasthani dishes are made up of spices and lots of spices.

Spiciest dish in India:  Phaal curry is known to be the hottest curry in the world made from this exclusive hottest chilli simply burning your taste buds. This dish is even prepared by wearing gas masks.

So what are you waiting for, get ready and prepare yourself to experience the spiciest dishes of the world.

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