Cuisines of Madhya Pradesh That You Will Love If You Are A Foodie

Considered as the “Heart Of India”, Madhya Pradesh is known for its beautiful landscape, mesmerizing locations, and the outstanding cuisines. The various region and areas of the state house various flavors, savories and numerous delicacies that help the travelers to taste the mouth-watering cuisine. The vibrant culture and the rich traditions of the region are reflected through the myriad of lip-smacking cuisines that are too tantalizing and appealing to repel from.


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Being rich in both –vegetarians and non-vegetarian- delicacies, Madhya Pradesh has a lot of variety in terms of flavor to boast. You will get to experience the perfect mix of curd, spices, herbs and other form of flavors that magically enhances the flavor of the food. It is for the tantalizing tastes and the distinctive tanginess that this state is listed among one of the top gastronomical paradises of the country. Take a look at the beautiful dishes and interesting cuisines from Madhya Pradesh that you must taste once in your lifetime for sure.

1.    Bhutte Ka Kees


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Bhutte Ka Kees as the name suggest is a cuisine with corns as its main ingredient. This is a very famous dish of Madhya Pradesh and is loved by the locals as well as by the travelers. This dish is unique to this Central- Indian state and consists a healthy, delicious and finger-licking taste that will tantalize your taste buds and will help you to taste the authenticity of this part of India.

This much-loved street food of Indore is prepared by grating the sweet and soft corn and cooking it to the enticing mixture of spices and skimmed milk and finally frying it with mustard and cumin seeds. If you love to eat healthy, then you have to try and taste this delicacy without any miss!

2.    Dal Bafla


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Dal Bafla of Madhya Pradesh and Dal Baati of Rajasthan, are considered as the twin by many foodies. Just different in its form, Dal Bafla is a significant dish of Madhya Pradesh. Influenced by its Rajasthani counterpart, this is is mouth-watering cuisine which is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and multiple vitamins as well. The delicious wheat balls are cooked in ghee and are served with a bowl of dal and coriander sauce.

You cannot miss this famous delicacy of the “Heart Of India”. The locals also add some variants to the cuisine by serving it with varied sweet and spicy sauces, also known as chutneys, to enhance its overall feel and taste.

3.    Indori Puri Bhaji


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Travel anywhere in the North and Central India, the one cuisine which is served as a major breakfast dish all around is Puri Bhaji. Differing in all states and regions, according to the respective taste and choices of the region, this significant dish can always woo you to the core.

Indori Puri Bhaji is a major dish of Indore and Khandwa and is known for its brilliant and lip-smacking taste. Adding a variety to the regular Puri Bhaji, this dish consists the flavors and taste that makes it stand apart from its other counterparts.

The Indian bread is deep-fried in oil for preparing this cuisine and is complemented with potato curry, raw mango pickle, and some flavorful chutneys or sauces.

4.    Pilaf with Peas and Carrots


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The inhabitants of Madhya Pradesh have their own way of preparing savories that can match up with their taste-buds. The pungent and excellent technique of their cooking, have made some of their dishes to the world-class level in its appearance and taste. Pilaf is one such traditional dish.

Especially popular in the regions of Jabalpur, Pilaf is a local way of preparing the pulao with the use of the aromatic basmati rice that is cooked with numerous spices, herbs, onions and other vegetables. The addition of several vegetables brings color to the platter and it can simply floor you down with its tormenting savor.

5.    Seekh Kebab


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Seekh Kebab is a popular delicacy of Madhya Pradesh. If you love to indulge in tasting some finest and mouth-watering dishes, then you must pay a visit to Madhya Pradesh.

Flooded with some exotic flavors and distinguished tastes, this region offers some of the finest cuisines for you to taste and enjoy a tummy-filling experience. If you love non-veg then you surely will not miss out enjoying the delightful taste of Seekh Kebab.

It is prepared by mixing the minced mutton with a variety of spices and vegetables and the mixture is then rolled into sausage shapes pieces which are then grilled over a traditional oven. This cuisine is complemented with mint sauces and onions. Take a bite of the kebab dipped in the authentic sauces and you will experience a burst of flavors in your mouth.

6.    Moong Dal Khasta Kachori

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Moong Dal Khasta Kachori is one of the lip-smacking appetizers of Madhya Pradesh, especially in the city of Indore. The kachori is the Indian bread stuffed with potatoes, beans, spiced lentils and other spices and is folded in ball-shape, which then is deep-fried till it acquires golden brown color.

This Khasta kachori is served hot with tamarind and coriander sauces, which plays a perfect role in enhancing the taste of the cuisine to a great level.

7.    Sabudana Khichdi


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The healthy living and healthy eating lifestyle of the people of Madhya Pradesh is also reflected in their dietary habits. The sabudana khichdi is one of the most popular delicacies of the region, especially acquired by people in their breakfast or brunch.

The method of preparation of this cuisine is to soak the sabudana pearls with potatoes and fried peanuts, several spices are then added to the dish while preparing and the final garnish is done with lemons and coriander leaves. The exotic spices and the ideal blend of them all create a sweet and tangy taste which is extremely popular among the tourists and locals alike.

8.    Palak Puri


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Want to have a perfect lunch in Madhya Pradesh? Try Palak Puri with aloo sabzi (Potato curry) and raita. This is a great source of nutrients and is also bliss for the tongue. It makes the plate full of delicacies and brings a satisfactory smile onto the face of the person having it. This is a popular breakfast meal as well as lunch meal in this state and gives a blissful experience to all.

9.    Mawa Bati


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While you fill your stomach with all kinds of dishes for your meals, your long for a perfect dessert will only end in Madhya Pradesh with Mawa Bati. The excellent crisp, the right amount of sweetness and the gentle texture of the dish will not make you feel guilty of cheating on your diet plans and breaking the promise of no-sugar intake that you did to yourself!

Indulging in sweet savor sometimes is no sin but missing on this sweet dish with rich dry fruits will definitely make you regret your decision forever.

10.    Bhopali Pan


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Bhopali Pan coming next only to the Banarsi Pan is of the famous delicacies of India. Widely served and loved, the Bhopali Pan is easily available on every corner of this central state of India.

The local panwalas prepare this special Pan by adding various spices, other ingredients, and sweeteners inside the Beetle leaf. The tasty, refreshing and flavorful savor that you get to relish through this amazing delicacy will make you fall for it. Commonly used as a mouth freshener, the delightful flavor of the Pan is prized by the natives and foreigners alike.

When you are visiting this part of India, you get a good and ideal experience of indulging in an ecstatic affair and relishing the unique and interesting local cuisine with an authentic taste of this part of the country.

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