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Eating Experience Offered by Australia

The country of Australia is famous for many things like road trips, pristine beaches, backpacking opportunities, natural gifts and not to forget delicious mouthwatering foods.

Australia is a great place for all sorts of activities. Be it backpacking activities or road trips or delicious foods. Now for a wonderful food experience, Australia offers a great variety of delicious foods along with different cultural significance of different cities of Australia like Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Australia has a great culture for food and the best part is that you do not have to go to different expensive places to taste the delicious foods. There are numerous places where you will get delicious foods well within your affordable range.

Here are the places to eat in the various cities of Australia.

Food Courts

There are numerous food courts in various shopping malls which are popular places when serving various eateries like local as well as global food. Choices of foods like Asian, Arabic, Mediterranean food are available ranging from raw food to vegetarian food. While you are touring the city, take a quick meal along with a little indulgence in shopping. One of such popular destination offering food is Southbank Food Mall located in Melbourne. The average cost ranges from 10-25 dollars.



Food Market

The food market of Australia is really very popular. They effectively blend in with different types of local and global food offering a great food experience. The food market is extremely colorful with unique yet ethnic atmosphere where one can spend hours walking around different stalls. There you will get special food workshops as well as hands-on courses on several delicious foods of Australia. One of such unique yet popular food markets of Australia is Mindi beach Sunset Market situated in Darwin.

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There are different local food markets like in Melbourne there is the South Melbourne Markets, similarly in Adelaide there is the Central Markets. On the weekends as well as on events, Arts and crafts markets are usually held. These markets offer great street foods for the visitors to savor. In short the Australian food market is simply the paradise for foodies.

Street Cafes

Well there is another option to enjoy a marvelous food experience and that is the popular street cafes at every corners of the country. Say for example, if you wish to spend a day exploring the Bondi Beach in Sydney or want to experience St. Kilda in Melbourne, then opt for a quick meal at many of the street cafes which is reputed for famous food and great coffees offered at a cool and trendy place which vary from modern to vintage.


Outback food

Australia is a country which encourages lots of traveling in the Outback. Especially in the areas which are isolated, you can eat in the fuel stations or in the outback hotels which offers a standard menu which is heavy filing. In this area, you can taste exceptional local food or barbecued meats delicious mouth-watering.



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