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Finding the right budget- friendly accommodation while traveling

While out on a vacation, it is very necessary to choose the right accommodation which is available all around the world. All that needs to be done is look for affordable and cheap hotels. There is a very wrong notion that to travel better, you will have to be wealthy. Travel is affordable when you choose the right forms of overnight accommodation.

Always remember that costly hotel do require plenty of budget as these hotels spend a lot on advertising. However there are numerous cheap as well as free places offered for sleeping while you are traveling.

Here are some of the cheap and best possible accommodations available while traveling.

  • Backpacker Hostels

Travelers who are budget conscious prefer backpacker hostels. In these hostels, rooms and bathrooms are usually shared by many people which is why the cost is low. The average rooms in hostel usually hold 4-10 individuals with furnished bunk beds. The traveler are provided with personal lockers for properly securing belonging

Backpacker Hostels

The best thing about hostels is that they provide a social atmosphere for the travelers to interact with one another. To be very honest, there are few private rooms for those who want a little privacy.

Tips for backpacker hostels

  • Choose hostels which have proper lockers.
  • Bring ear plugs and eye mask for proper sleep.

This option is perfect for solo traveler.

  • Guest House

If you wish to avoid the service and disadvantages of a bigger hotel, choose a cheap guest house and budget hotel. Here you can get a decent private room with less social networking opportunities. The prizes may be a little costly and in most cases kitchen and breakfast may not be included.

Guest House

If you are looking for the right and perfect guest house, look for ones which are advertised on the web. There are places where you will not get hostels but there are numerous cheap guesthouses available.

Tips for Guest House

  • Always ask to see the room first.
  • Check whether the doors and windows are secure and safe.

Apartment for short-term

If you want, you can look for the spare room or a whole apartment in someone’s house. Some people usually rent their house on a daily, monthly and weekly basis. These apartments are usually fully furnished and often a kitchen is provided.

Apartment for short-term

Apartment which are available for rent are available at the price of a budget hotel. The best advantages for staying in an apartment are that it feels very like home away from home. If you want you can interact with regular neighbors and get the real feel of living in country.

Tips for Apartment

  • It is better to choose places which provide good reviews about the tenants.
  • Get a proper idea about the location of the apartment as well as transportation options.


If you wish to learn about someone’s culture when you are out there to explore a new country, choose the homestays for proper accommodations. Families often rent out their spare bedroom for some extra source of money. Here you will get breakfast as well as dinner too.


It is very necessary to know learn about the language you are visiting to grab the best possible deals and get the benefits of the proper homestay.

Tips for Homestay

  • If you do not know the language of your host, then learn to speak in sign language
  • Check and rechecks whether your homestays includes meals.
  • Always be open minded and learn from your local host.

Work Exchange

There is an option of working for accommodation rather than paying for it. Volunteer for farms, schools, shelters and work there and earn your accommodation. Here by working you can learn about new skill centering on a foreign culture.

Work Exchange

Tips for Work Exchange

  • Always try to check for the number of hours you need to work along with free meals if available.
  • Keep in mind that some organizations do charge a little amount for covering the additional charges.


If you wish to feel the nature very close when you are on a tour, then the best option for you is to opt for camping which brings you closer to wilderness. In most cases, it is free but in case the location is very near to the tourist locations, then you will have to pay the money for it.


Tips for Camping

  • It is better to avoid camping near private property.
  • Always keep water source nearby.
  • Keep your food away from the camp.
  • Please do not dirty the environment.

House Sitting

This is one of the accommodation available free of cost. Most cases homeowners always need someone to look after the house when they are on vacation.

House Sitting

You will just have to take care of some activities which include pets to feed and to give waters to the plants. If you are house sitting, you will get the house to yourself with just minimal efforts.

Tips for House Sitting

  • Always provide the right references to gain the right trust
  • Make sure to get your work and responsibilities listed down.

Couch surfing

There is an all new different website which introduces you with the large community of people who opens the door to their homes and apartments to allow travelers to lie down on their couch.

Couch surfing

This usually comes free of cost and you do not have to pay extra money or in fact no money for it.

Tips for couch surfing

  • Give lots of authentic information in the website to gain the trust.
  • Try to interact and chat with people and send out personalized Couch Surfing requests.

The above are surely the best accommodation to choose from when you are looking for budget friendly accommodation. However if you wish to enjoy a luxurious stay with all the comfort elements, there are numerous luxurious hotels and resorts to choose from.

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