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Finest & Easy Weekend Getaways From New York City

You might love your job and would enjoy doing over-time every day, but during weekend, you just want to land up in a beautiful place with exotic things-to-do or to just leisurely sit and enjoy nature.


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New York City is the destination that people from across the globe would love to fly down at least once in their lifetime. It gives plenty of reasons for tourists to plan their holiday here. However, the natives of the city just want to escape the burgeoning stress and hectic pressure.

Nobody really wants to leave the city forever, so a short break is something that rejuvenates him or her with new and fresh energy as a result making him or her fall in love with the greatest city of the world, AGAIN!

The rush, the madness and the incredible energy level of the city dwellers might sometimes take a toll on you and can make you crumble for a different life altogether. Without being stressed out or falling apart due to such pressure, a weekend tour is what can really create its magic over you.


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Whether you are looking for a family outing or a beach getaway within few miles of New York City, here we have an inclusive list, covering all major weekend destinations you could enjoy, escaping the city’s loudness and endless supply of tourists. Read the list below, plan your holiday and relish a weekend treat.

Best Family Getaway


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Mystic, Connecticut

Want to spend some time with your kids and your better half, away from the hustle bustle of the city? Take a weekend tour to Mystic. This charming village and seaport, located in between New York and Boston, allows you to breathe the fresh air. From quiet farms to coastal towns, you can unveil various aspects of lifestyle and will be in awe with its presence.


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This historic seaside also has a rich maritime history; your kids will love to unfold and who can miss out the famous pizza available here?!

The kids can take part in learning about the maritime creatures and the Discovery Barn and get to learn the marine communication techniques, through the educators. While the kids will love to enjoy these things, you, along with your partner can explore the other parts of the area. You will be surprised with the wonderful eateries there. The serenity of the area will definitely refresh you from the core. Get your next weekend plan ready from now!


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Distance From NYC:
215.1 km

Time To Travel:
2hrs 27mins (By Car)

Other Family Getaway Destinations:
Cooperstown, N.Y.
Pocono Mountains, Pa.
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Montauk, New York
Annapolis, MD

Best Romantic Getaway


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Finger Lakes, NY

A romantic weekend trip with your partner can clear the air and rift between you both, which you probably had because of your hectic professional life. Show your love for your soul mate in an idyllic and romantic destination that will make him or her on knees. But, who have the time or the extra fund to think about an extravagant holiday? Don’t Worry, you can still get the plan implemented! How? Visit Finger Lakes.


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A chocolate, a flower bouquet or a gift may definitely work to boost your married life, but a tour to a quixotic destination will fuel your romantic life. Finger Lakes, a group of 11 long and narrow lakes is a popular tourist destination. It is New York’s largest wine producing regions and has over 100 wineries and vineyards. You can ride atop the Bristol Mountain; can take a drive to the Canandaigua downtown or can enjoy an unrivaled and luxury-filled relaxation opportunity at the best-known resorts. Taking a walk leisurely, holding the hand of the love of your life is yet another activity, which can guarantee to help you get your romantic life in place.

The various landscapes of the region are definitely an ideal romantic setting. Plan your weekend tour today!


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Distance From NYC:

Time Taken To Travel:
4hr48min (By Car)

Other Romantic Getaway Destinations:
Hudson, NY
Barnard, Vermont
The Adirondacks, NY
Mystic, Connecticut
Pocantico, NY

Most Affordable Getaway


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The Catskills

Some destinations seems to be too luxurious and alluring to everybody but not all of us can afford to be there. Does that mean our weekends will be spent within the New York City? Not at all! There are some affordable getaway destinations within few miles of NYC, where you can plan to land any weekend. Adorned with beautiful natural landscapes and some mind-blowing activities, the bed and breakfast and a comfortable stay is pocket-friendly in these places.


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The Catskill Mountains also known as The Catskills, is one such cheap and affordable destination, for you to spend your weekend here. From hiking trails to skiing, you can indulge in a lot of mesmerizing activities that will refresh you to the core.

Climbing up to the light tower for an unforgettable, panoramic views of the Hudson River, is definitely the thing that you wouldn’t want to miss out at any cost. The scenic drive to the destination is a revival reward for you giving you the much-needed break from your hectic and day-to-day schedule. The best part of The Catskills is you can even consider it as your last-minute destination…

So, if you haven’t planned anything for this weekend, don’t worry! Just keep your bags ready for visiting an appeasing destination.


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Distance From NYC:

Time Taken To Travel:
2hr 39mins (By Car)

Other Affordable Getaway Destinations:
Fire Island
Long Beach
Jersey Shore
The Adirondacks
The Hamptons

Best Outdoor Getaway


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Harriman State Park, NY

New York City might be your at the core of your heart for the various reasons that it is famous for and of course for the comfort and luxury that it allows you to enjoy. But, still who doesn’t want to have a change in environment and enjoy a break from the loud noise and chaotic environment at least for a while.


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Take the route to Harriman State Park on a weekend and leave behind your hectic lifestyle for enjoying yourself by indulging in several outdoor activities, at the area. With 31 lakes and reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails and two beaches, the Harriman State Park is the second largest park in the park systems. Surrounded with natural wonders and beauty all around, you will just be too pleased to spend your weekend here.

This is a favorite destination for the residents of New York and New Jersey. Whether you are an adventure lover or a nature lover, this is a wonderful destination for you. It gives you plenty of options to stay in touch with the nature and to be indulged in several adventurous activities, which involves hiking, biking, swimming, camping, cross-country skiing and even ice fishing! Mesmerized with the idea? How about experiencing it all on your own? This weekend you know where to drive! Get ready for a rejuvenating tour.


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Distance From NYC:
68.1 km

Time Taken To Travel:
1hr 4min

Other Outdoor Getaway Destinations:
Woodstock, Vermont
Newport, Rhode Island
Bear Mountain, New York
New Hope, Pennsylvania
New Paltz, New York

The spectacular sights and the contagious effect of these places is surely going to get you explore the gorgeousness around the New York City. Take time out and enjoy your weekends in a lovely surrounding. The awe-inspiring landscapes filled with exotic appeal and magnificent scenery to meet your desire of taking a break from the monotony of your life. So, now as you have options to explore and unveil, don’t spend your weekends in vain. Plan And Enjoy Your Weekends Now…!!!

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