How to pack a professional travel first aid kit

Healthcare on Roads is our primary concern on the road. We worry about a wide lot of things like getting sick, vaccines. Well there are lot of factor that plays in one’s mind while opting for health and safety on the road. In case of a backpacking adventure, health and safety should be known to one and all. In case of various small adventures on roads, traveler’s scrapes and sprains are very common. You will surely not want your travel companions to laugh on your misfortune while you are down in your travel trip with a small cuts, wounds, jungle treks, small cuts as well as wounds.

Well to save your well planned travel tips from all these, you also need to plan something beforehand to save you the honor of an unlucky trekker. A well stocked first aid kit is something which can easily take you overboard without any sort of trouble. You do not need to be a paramedic to pack something extra ordinary. Just pack some essential things needed for average traveler.

Here are some of the important picks of essentials ready to be kept in your first aid kit.

Plasters (bandages)


This goes without saying that these are important things to be kept in any first aid kit. You can mostly suffer from minor injury which can be a cut or a graze. That is the reason why it is very important to carry a handful of plasters of various sizes with you. In fact if you are indulging in various trekking you are not used to then blister plasters is seriously a good idea. You can carry your own hospital with you.



Well this is referred to as the jack-of-all trades. Any first aid is incomplete without a supply of gauze. They may come to be most useful all the time. They can be used for multiple purposes like pressure to a wound, cleaning an injury, soaking up blood as well as dressing for small- to medium wounds.

A layer of graze on a clean wound can be kept down with either bandage or tape allowing you the time to go to a professional. The best possible types of gauze are wrapped sterile squares. With these gauzes, you do not need to cut them to sizes and the wound can be kept sterile and clean.

Crepe bandages

Crepe bandages

When there is something bigger than a cut, basic crepe bandages can prove to very useful again keeping the dressing clean till it get some sort of medical attention. These can only be used in case of medical attention till you can get professional medical care.

That is the reason why you do not need many of them just one or two will suffice.

Surgical tape


Again this is another important items in the list of essential emergency items when there is the need to secure bandage or gauze to a wound  plasters can do the same job if required.

Small scissors


They usually come in any commercial first aid kit. They can prove to be useful for trimming bandages or gauzes to particular size. Be extra careful to carry scissors in your first aid kit in your checked bag. Otherwise you may get caught right at the airline security.



Tweezers are very important item which comes in standard first aid kits and can be used for pulling out splinters as well as for getting little bits of dirt and stones while cleaning a wound or for other practical uses.

Antiseptic wipes

This is one of things which most people overlook when one is thinking of first aid but this is very essential as they are antiseptic wipes. No one wants a cut or wound to properly get infected. That is when antiseptic wipes are perfect for cleaning before opting for dressing. Just a small amount will be sufficient for any wound.

Pain relief medication

Pain relief medication

Paracetamol or pain relief medications are perfect as pains are caused while one is traveling to places. There are various brands of medicines which works fine with such pain causing problem. Just take the normal pain killer to keep minor pain away or headache away.

Loperamide tablets

While you are out on a journey, you may consume lot of local food which may cause an adverse effect on you. For stopping diarrhea for short period while on a train or bus, Loperamide tablets can be of great help. Remember that they do not cure diarrhea instead can stop the trouble for s short time. Another perfect way to treat diarrhea is to drink plenty of water to replace the lost fluids the body. This can prove to be useful addition to any first aid box.

Antihistamine cream

Insect bites are very common if you are traveling to any sort of forests or are on adventure trip. With a bad insect bite, you may end up with rash or itchy bump. These bites can be damn annoying. That is the reason why you need a good antihistamine cream to control swelling and itching.

Antibacterial creams

It is surely a food idea to carry with you antibacterial creams like Neosporin for scarpes and cuts. This will help to heal faster and prevent chances of possible infections.

The above mentioned ones are surely the basics which should be carried in any first aid box before you get to seek medical or professional help with medical emergencies. Pack your kit with these essentials and enjoy your travel with the right peace of mind and be safe both in knowledge and reality.


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