Reduce your jet lag now in five easier steps

No matter where travelers go, they usually have a common enemy. Well this enemy does not have a specific type and usually targets travelers no matter what their nationality is. Now if international travelers do not plan ahead then this is common foe and your adventure can be derailed in a hurry.

Well common foe is known as jet lag. Travelers do not properly prepare for it for their internal schedules can get mixed up in hurry causing fatigue during the days and most importantly insomnia at night.

Now the million dollar question is how travelers can prepare for this change in time at the destination and make sure that they stay alert as well awake.

Well with a little knowledge as well as modern marvels, fighting the jet lag can be easy as well as pain free process. Well so before you travel to your next international destination, then follow the following tips for a snooze-free visit.

Planning for proper light exposure well ahead of the destination


Well the biggest clue your body can use to regulate sleep is natural light. Like for example during the daylight hours, your body can absorb much more light so that you can stay awake. Similarly at night, since there is less light, the body naturally shut down seeking more rest.

By properly planning the light exposure on the first day of the vacation, you can adjust your body very well to the new destination. Travelers who are heading east on a proper overnight flights can catch the much needed sleep at night in the flight which can be effectively followed by the light throughout your first day.

Likewise if the travelers are heading west, limit the sleep you can get on the flight and expose to light on arrival.

Rest before your trip and avoid overusing caffeine


The fun and excitement of travel along with the accompanied adventure can cause many restless nights. So if not being rested ahead of a trip, it can cause big problems for travelers if they are trying to catch across multiple time zones and borders.

Right before next international trip, it is very necessary to have enough rest to function properly. As per doctor’s recommendation, adults should sleep between six to eight hours while children certainly require more sleep. Moreover the use caffeine to compensate for the lost sleep may cause more long term problems right from heart palpitations to even extreme fatigue. To be honest, there is no compensation for good sleep.

Eating like a local ahead of your visit


Now depending upon where you are traveling, skip last major meal right before your flight so that you can adjust easier. Well it is all about the place you are going and what type of food to expect there.

Some of the travel experts recommend fasting more than 16 hours before arriving at any final destination, so that the travelers are more than ready to eat as soon as they arrive. Similarly others usually recommend eating on the same schedule as the locals do. To get the maximum, maintain a schedule very similar to that of locals but ensure that the waiter is very honest with the bill.

Water may seriously help


One of the mistakes which can happen commonly is not drinking enough water at any new destination. Now unfiltered tap water can make you sick while you are traveling but it is very necessary to maintain proper hydration while traveling with bottled water.

While you are staying abroad on the flight or upon landing, make sure that you are hydrated with lots of water. It is sometimes better to skip the extra drink and opt for water throughout the flight. Because of this, travelers can stay bright and refreshed right from takeoff to landing.

Utilizing an app to keep your clock running properly


Well last but not the least, modern technology is the perfect solution to keep bright when you are traveling around the world. There are many apps which help travelers to properly adjust to the time zone right before traveling.

One of the favorite apps is SkyZen allowing traveling to properly plug-in travel plans and will recommend a sleep as well as refreshment for different phases of travel. These programs will help travelers to reduce jet lag and be more content to see the world.

So forget jet lag and enjoy a marvelous holiday with no more tension of getting tired and restless and enjoying a marvelous holiday.

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