Tips to Take a Tour in South-East Asia During Monsoon

At present no time is unsuitable for getting out of your home and taking a tour, not even south-west monsoon time. We have some important tips for you.

After the scorching season of summer arrives the relieving season of rain with aromatic soil, dark-cloud loaded sky and rain-drops tickling from green leaves. If you are a passionate traveler you will not think twice to pack your backpack, wear your boots and get out for the unknown. Today we shall consider taking a monsoon (south-west monsoon) trip to the South-East Asia. Before that let us consider some useful tips for monsoon trip.

  • Smart choice of water-proofs: One of the most important things of a stress free trip is to travel with minimum and lightweight baggage. During monsoon you need to take proper care about carrying rain gears like umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof wind-cheaters etc. But if you are in Vietnam then you may try on local version of raincoat known as ‘plastic ponchos’. This will reduce your baggage weight in a good amount.


There are two versions of plastic ponchos. One is the simple one, not bigger than an oversized bag made of plastic. The other one is thicker and longer version of the previous one. The simple ‘plastic poncho’ comes at lesser money than the bigger but to spend a few bucks is worth the money. In fact, the HDPA ponchos are available in whole of the South-East Asia.

  • Time and duration of rain: Usually it rains at regular intervals in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Many tourists have told us that while touring these places during the monsoon season some of them had faced no critical problem as the rain usually occurred in the late afternoon. These are small spells of rain with thunder and light showers spanning less than an hour.


  • Choosing your right foot wear: During this time of the year you shall be tempted to bring out your knee high plastic boots but herein we shall advice you to deter from it as it may result in soggy socks and smelly feet both of them are absolutely undesirable to any of us. That is why we suggest you to wear plastic sandals.


But if you are wearing open toed plastic sandals then you should always take care of cuts and wounds. Keep antiseptics in handy.

  • A little general knowledge about your surroundings: Before you tour any place do not forget to have outline knowledge about surrounding areas. Some places are clogged with water and have poorer drainage system. Avoid staying there and visit the places located at height. Rural areas sometimes have muddy roads that become slippery after rains. So avoid going there if sky is heavy. Leave them for drier days or go there after rain has stopped.


Big cities like Hanoi, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta are safer bids for taking trips during rains.

  • First-aid kits, medicines: Adhesive band-aids/plasters, disinfectant scrubs, towels, hair drier, mosquito repellants and enough anti-biotic are necessary to carry with you. Take Neosporin and other anti-septic lotions. As you are on continuous run take anti-septic lotions rather than their liquid form.

Towels should be made of such fabrics which soak up easily. Hair drier sounds to be funny but it can save you from a number of scalp infections.

Mosquitoes and flies are menace during these months and that is why you should carry repellants or mosquito nets.


  • Lifestyle norms: This time of year is a favorable season for birth of several kinds of harmful protozoa, bacteria and virus that is why you should take care about hygiene and food. Carry pure drinking water with you or if possible drink normal water after boiling it. You may drink coconut water too. Eat fruits or packaged food stuffs rather than eating out. Carry hydrators with you.


  • How to dress: Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers. Some people are allergic to moisture and they should be more careful about what they wear. Avoid wearing cottons as once drenched they are hard to dry out soon. Choose wearing artificial clothes.

How to dress

  • Be careful while venturing into the seas: All you water-sports enthusiasts beware of rough waters. Use your common sense while you swim out in the seas. Follow the signs and red flags marked by hotels or local governing body. It is on a safer side if you avoid them during monsoons.


As we have covered more or less all necessary tips to visit South-East Asia in a brief we should give a little sneak-peak into the attractions that nature offers you during this time.

  • Enjoy the special moments offered by teary nature: Rainy days have special charm. Watching misty rain from the windows of your hotel can be an enriching moment. Smell the muddy fragrance of soil and sip into your hot cup of coffee.
  • After rain pleasant weather: Unlike summers, the days after a mild or strong spell of rain are usually cooler.

Now we do not think that taking a monsoon trip will be such an uphill task for you. So wake up guys! Now no season is off for giving a ride to your wandering soul.

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