Top 10 Things to Do In NYC Absolutely Free Of Cost

New York City is certainly not known as a budget travel destinations. Hotels, meals as well as attractions are certainly not cheap here. In fact just riding an elevator right to the top of the Empire State Building may cost you more than $20. But if you are savvy travelers then there are plenty of bargains. Right from museum to walking tours there are various bargains where you certainly do not have to pay any money to experience the wonders of the world.

Here are list of free things which you can do but it will surely not cause a dent in your pocket.

1. Kayaking on the Hudson River

Hudson River


You can row your way right through its bays with the open expenses right in the backdrop of imposing skyscrapers is certainly another. Just head Downtown Boathouse and opt for a 20 minutes free kayaking on any day right between May and October. In fact on the weekends, you can try 3 hour kayak trip right on public holidays.

2. Handcrafted beer right from the microbrewery



Each and every Saturday, right from 1pm to 5 pm, Brooklyn Brewery right along the cobbled streets of Williamsburg opens the doors to the visitors’ on beer and small on the wallet. Spend an hour right behind the scenes of the New York’s favorite beers and get complimentary brews for the perfect weekend.

3. Seeing the Cherry Blossoms right at Sakura Park

Sakura Park


In the year 1912, two thousand cherry trees were gifted by Japan to New York City and they were planted at Sakura Park; “ sakura” means cherry blossom in Japanese. There are many parks in NYC (including Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden) with cherry trees scattered right in their middle. Visit Sakura to witness the exclusive cherry blossoms.

4. Hear live music by young artists

young artists


Now if you wish to enjoy cosy music venue without having to look for money for cover charges or drinks right at the bar then simply make your way to lower Manhattan where you will find Rockwood Music Hall offering free concerts on various weekends and weekdays. Here are budding artists as well as local bands who play everything from jazz to R&B and Hip Hop.

5. Going on a cargo ferry to see Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty


Why will you waste your $12 for a tourist ferry right to Staten Island when you can just take a commuter cargo ferry for free. Board from Lower Manhattan and sail right away to view the city’s iconic skyscrapers, holding your breath, the Statue of Liberty.

6. Focus on your literary side

Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain were known to be the residents of the century old Wave Hill estate right in the upper Manhattan is now a public park or a venue for author readings and poetry recitals. Go on Tuesday where admission to the estate is free and take the free shuttle right from the end of the subway line right towards Bronx.

7. Have an excellent beach day

You certainly cannot imagine New York City as a group of islands set right amid the skyscraper controlling skyline. But you can try to visit the Rockaway Beach located on the far end of Queens when you start scrolling through the Google Maps to see sun-and-sea spots in the city. There is just a short distance with public transport at Coney Island Beach in Brookyln, Orchard Beach in the Bronx or Staten Island. Just lying in the soft sand and swimming in the gentle waters on summer day

8. Opt for a free movie, carnival, concert or walking tour

Well there is always something or the other going on in New York and you just need to know it. You can opt for heart-stopping music and Rumi’s poetry recitals on the 5000 year old Tanbur. You can also check out at TimeOut and NYCgo for various free cultural events while you are in New York City.

9. Go spirit and wine tasting

Some of best things in life are usually free and so it is in NYC. Sip some of the world’s finest wines, champagnes and rums right at the tasting session at Union Square & Spirits in Lower Manhattan without a single penny. You can also opt for daily free wine tastings at Big Nose Full Body in Brooklyn.

10. Socrates Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park


The Socrates Sculpture Park is known to be one of the popular site in the New York Metropolitan area where artists can both create as well as exhibit various large-scale sculpture as well as multimedia installations set in a beautiful outdoor environment.

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