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Top 13 National Food Of Nations Across The Globe

Set the difference aside, we do agree on various marvelous and splendor food which comes from the deliciousness of all national dishes which comes from the cultures from all across the world.

These dishes can range from haute to downright sloppy and love everything it has to offer. There are healthy to not-so healthy option all in moderation and stock.

Here are the delicious national dishes around the world.


USA, Burger & Fries

USA, Burger & Fries


Where ever you are in the States, you will be able to quickly eat this American staple from any nearby establishment. Apart from fast food, the burger and fries combo is favored as quick and heavy meal which can be customized as per wish in US.

Toppings on burgers may vary accordingly depending on where you are in the country along with the amount of sauces which are used for fried are endless. Just think about avocado, onions, fried eggs, bacon, chips and cheese which can be used as basic toppings.

Canada, Poutine



This dish is said to have been originated in Quebec and is heavenly creation of fries topped with cheese curds dipped in gravy which makes it a basic requirements for poutine making it the delicious national dishes.

This can also be savoured by Rue in Old Montreal with toppings such as bacon, Montreal-style smoked meat or even foie gras.

Mexico, Mole Poblano

Mole Poblano


Most of the common notion is that Mexican cuisines are tacos or enchilades but there is one national dish which needs better spotlight. The most delicious Mexican’s national dish is the sauce known as mole.

Although many variants exist, but mole poblano is the most well known one containing 20 ingredients with majority peppers with the one ingredient cutting the spice but not overpower is chocolate. The delicious sauce which is poured over turkey, chicken or pork. Leftover sauce can be used on enchiladas or tamales.

Peru, Ceviche



Ceviche is known to be Peru’s national dish which is made from fresh raw fish marinated with lime juice spiced with chili peppers, chopped red onions, salt, cilantro which is accompanied by sides of sweet potato and white corn. An Andean chili is called rocoto added to heat the citrus.

As per the Peruvian establishment, you can expect Leche de tigre or tiger’s milk to be served on the side.  It is served in small glass topped with shrimp right as garnish.

Brazil, Feijoada



Feijoada is a dish in Portuguese in origin. This is a stew of black beans, salted pork or beef trimmings, smoked sausages and it is topped with vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, kale, pumpkin, potatoes and okra.

This is prepared over a clay pot with the beans and meat are stewed at low heat at which time the vegetables are added and cooked by the steam. The dark brown and purple tint of beans creating a thick broth. Rice is a usual side dish and slices of orange typical for digestion.

Colombia, Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa


The Bandeja Paisa is known to be the well-known dishes in Colombian cuisine. This dish is meant to be the only meal of the day with main ingredients like carne asada, white rice, beans stewed in a preparation what is called hogao, a sauce made of onions, garlic, cumin, tomatoes, pepper and salt. Various other dishes are added here like fried egg, fried plantain, avocado, arepas and many more.

Argentina, Asado



The word asado means barbeque, asado to Argentinians to actual grilled meats. Argentina’s steak or beef ribs are popular in South America so it will come as no surprise that these two are included in asado. Chorizo and morcilla( blood sausage), chinchulines ( chitterlings) and mollejas ( sweetbread) are there.

In Patagonia, lamb and goat are more like asado instead of beef cooked in open fire. To top the meats, chimichurri, a sauce made of garlic, vinegar and herbs given on top.

Dominican Republic, Sancocho



Recipes of Sancocho are a staple one in Latin America countries but Dominican Republic has made it their own national dish. Beef shank, longaniza, bacon, boneless pork shoulder, chicken thighs, onions, red bell peppers, garlic, dried oregano, green plantains are all made in an enormous pot of the popular stew.

Jamaica, Ackee and Saltfish



Ackee is a fruit which is originally imported from Ghana in the 1700s and is half toxic. However Jamaicans have transformed this fruit into a piece of national dish.

Salt cod is soaked overnight to remove the excess of salt. It is then sautéed with boiled onions, ackee, scotch bonnet peppers, numerous spices and tomatoes. Garnishes of tomatoes and bacon are customary.

This dish is served for breakfast or dinner with breadfruit, plantains or bread.

Italy, Pasta

Italy, Pasta


Italy like various other countries has a particular cuisine for each region. However the staple dish is pasta from Italy along with myriad of pasta dishes. This one is made out of durum wheat flour or durum wheat in Southern Italy and egg-based pastas are preferred in the north.

Many variations of pasta exist are both fresh and dry. The dish recognized today is pasta Bolognese or ragu Bolognese. To enhance the flavor, pasta sauces with ground or minced meat along with tomato are used. The actual sauce can be combination of broth, wine, milk, stock or water.

Spain, Paella

Spain, Paella


Well Paella is reputed to be the national dish of Spain. It has become adopted in various regions of Spain. There are many versions which exist including snails, chicken and chorizo. This one is widely favored and eaten in local spots all over Barcelona or found in family favorites when visiting Madrid.

This one is combination of seafood broth, lobster, cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels, tomatoes, rice, sofrito, paprika and saffron form from the basic recipe of paella.

France, Pot-au-feu

France, Pot-au-feu


French cuisine has been admired for its excellent aspects. This dish is “pot on the fire”; this dish celebrates rich and poor in French culture can be taste right on the next trip in Paris.

There are cuts of beef, oxtail and marrow bone along with root vegetables such as carrots, celery, turnips, onions, cabbage stew or leek in the pot. Herbs, salt, cloves and black pepper season the mix.

The resulting broth is served with a bit of nutmeg and marrow on toasted bread. Horseradish or Dijon mustard sauce are used for meat and vegetables. The broth is used as soup for bread, for pasta or a base for sauces.

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