Top Five Must See Places in Iran for First Time Visitors

Iran is a space which is both diverse in its landscape as well as the rich and epic history making the whole place to be covered in short trip alone. Right on the far west is the mountain enclosure while on the east is forest and their wildernesses along with central plains, these rich historical treasures are the symbols of the Persian past along with new changes of the Iranian present. Well journeying to one of the most underrated countries of Middle East is surely not an easy task, but here are top five spots which should be visited when you are on trip to Iran for the first time.

  1. Tehrans

Tehran city

Tehran should be the start as well as the end point of any trip to Iran which is the city that exceeds expectation with beautiful ancient wonders. This city previously was just a Persian garden village which is now the Middle Eastern capital city and is a dusty and developing capital. Well the city may lack color as well as distinct charm, the city is charged with vibrating energy and a vast scattering of historical treasures which includes palaces as well as residence of the royal generations along with the treasured collections of museums along with opulent toms as well as mosques which is multi-colored with famous tiled patterns.
old Persia

The remains of old Persia seeking out to the city which is connected by metro is fun. Tehran bears rich history to the country’s present right from the torture prison of royal Reza Shah Rule to the former US Embassy marking the turning point in history of creating what is present Iran

  1. Yazd


The religion of Persia was said to Zoroastrian till the 7th century till the arrival of Arabs and Islam and Yazd is right at the heart of it. What is exclusive here is the small patch of deserts which stills beholds Towers of Silence burial ground which is till date managed by the same local man bearing a rich proof to thousand of stories. There is also the oldest fire flame in the world along with the highest mosque minarets in the whole of Iran. Yazd still is the key religious place in the whole of Iran.

  1. Shiraz & the Persepolis


This place is said to be the home to the infamous grape apart from the wine production, Shiraz also has an appealing lighthearted nature with a drift of rebellious air. This is sometimes referred to as the cultural capital of Iran with a strong presence of Persia in the gardens as well as tombs of famous poets such as Hafez along with exclusive Mirror Mosque along with the city gate of the Old Citadel right in the centre. For you, there is also an exclusive treat for you – the bazaar at night along with surrounding Flea market.

Persians city

You can also pay a visit to the most successful civilization of all time that is the Persepolis (“city of the Persians”) where you can see the ruins of the ancient civilization marking the presence of the Achaemenid Empire. Plan a beautiful day trip from Shiraz.

  1. Isfahan


Another key component to any visit to Iran is Isfahan (Esfahan) which beholds for you the UNESCO World Heritage site called the Imam Square along with beautiful stunning palaces and mosques. This is surely an important area to visit to understand the distinct makeup of the country and how the different areas vary widely in their outlook. If you are here you are standing in one of the most conservative as well as strongly Islamic parts of the country. You can also wander in the second largest square after the Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the world and then cross the bridges and get lost in the maze of markets, breathe in the atmosphere all around you. There is a rich tough history here.

  1. Kerman


Well this used to be a former Persian capital; Kerman is rich in culture with beautiful fire temples, stone domes and mosques. The Shahzadeh Persian Gardens let you vent into the days of old with the beautifully restored 17th century bathhouse right in the middle of the Grand Bazaar which is now preserved as a museum. You can plan a trip to the underground teahouse which boasts of its magical ambiance. This place is the ideal place to mingle with the locals while you sit there and sip on cinnamon tea and share a hookah.

Well ancient Persia along with modern Iran usually goes side by side. A visit here will uncover the history of one of the world’s greatest empires. You can hear the stories as well as legends and enjoy the treasures of the past while dominating the modern society.

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