Top Seven Safety Tips for Women to Embark on a Solo Journey

Women are fast taking up the world of travel singlehandedly. When a girl thinks about venturing out, primary concern playing in her mind is the word ‘safety’. Is it safe out there? Yes it is if proper care is taken in the way of journey then everything will be alright.

Top seven safety measures for women are as follows:

1: Before embarking on your trip do proper research: Researching and planning for your travel itinerary is as exciting as your trip itself. Take some time out for checking the safety issues of your destination. Take for example; you should know the safest place to stay in the locality. Which kind of transportation is best for a single lady?

In particular the safety rating of a lodge should be properly verified. For this you should scrutinize the experience of previous lodgers. Examine if repeated traits are produced in the testimonials.


Thoroughly know about options available for transportation. Know about the available public transports as in most cases that involve developing countries, they are one of the safest modes of transport. Know about private transport options. Nowadays many international brands of car hiring service operate in developing countries and you can avail one of them. What is the night time situation?

Before visiting your chosen destination, you must visit a travel clinic and know about required medicines to be carried or do you need to take any vaccination? Knowledge about local health issues can save a number of troubles for you. It is good idea to carry a doctor’s prescription for the country specific conditions.

If you are planning to undertake an adventure trip then book them beforehand. But before doing this know about the reputation of that adventure tour and safety measures implemented by them. Check the clauses under your insurance and see if they include insurance coverage for an accident faced on foreign shores.

2: Keep your valuables in safe place:

Invaluable documents like birth certificate or the things like family heirlooms or expensive jewelry should not be carried with you. However present time is not like the old age times. Now we carry a number of technical articles like DSLR camera and its pricey lenses, Smartphone, iPhone, tablet, expensive binoculars, e-readers etc. You should carry a separate bag wherein you can carry passport, medicines, technical equipments, Photo-I cards and other valuable articles.


Remember to keep them separate. Do not keep them in the same luggage pack. Do not put them into the general luggage lot of tourist bus or any other transport carrier. That special bag should not be a part of your general backpack. Do not keep the bag with the checked luggage section of the plane.

3: For a short distance trip do not carry all your valuables with you: If you go for a short walk in the neighborhood just carry $50, a debit card and tops. All other necessary stuffs should be put inside the locker of your accommodation.

Almost all hostels have lockers. But if you are staying in hotels, resorts or any other accommodation then we would suggest you to carry a portable safe that you can attach with a sturdy stuff like that of a pipeline in your room.


Remember that as most of the thieves are basically opportunistic and that is why they would not risk themselves to indulge in a time consuming break-in.

4: Do not trust people too easily: Faith is a good thing and to have this tendency in you is not at all bad. However when we travel someplace all by ourselves many a times we want to be with a tribe of friends. Sometimes this inclination becomes dangerously active, even risking our safety concerns. We suggest you to grow your faith over a span of considerable time. Do not keep your valuables in the custody of a complete stranger. Remember one thing and that is faith is something which needs time to grow.

5: Drink in limits: This is a tip for each and every individual whether you are at home or outside. The senses get numb after consuming alcohol which can make you vulnerable to strangers. However if you drink in limits and are able to take care of yourself then it is ok.


There are some safest rules of drinking. While drinking if you drink slowly and eat beforehand or during then it is god for your health. Intermittent water intake is another good option. It is safest to take drinks from the hands of a bartender.

If you are with the group of your new found friends then do not be hyper about having more drinks than others who might have better alcohol intake capability.

6: Blend in with the locals: The more you do research about your destination, the more you will know about their lifestyle and it is best not to stand out separately in crowd. This can save you a lot from the undue attention of local thieves. Suppose you are an American or an Australian and are out for a tour in Europe. Then it is best not to wear a shorts and a t-shirt. Europeans tend to dress up more neatly.

You should try out more local cuisines. Try to blend in with local atmosphere as much as possible.


7: Do not think twice to spend extra for staying safe: Shoestring budget trip can be managed by sacrificing some fun or adventurous activities. But do not keep safety issues on stake. Suppose if you land in a city at odd hours then it is a smart idea to book a hotel that offers pick-up service from the airport.



If you follow safe journey rules then you will have a gala time in any and every part of world (except the war zones). Best of luck.

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