Travel guide while traveling during Ramadan month

Well it is the holy month for the Islam religion. For the year 2015, the month of Ramadan runs from the end of the month of June to the end of July this year. Now planning a trip to the Muslim countries at this time of the year can certainly make one witness various religious aspects of Islam and you can gather a very fascinating experience. There are many places in the world which includes UAE, Tunisia, Indonesia, Morocco and last but not the least Egypt. Life usually change dramatically this month in these countries and the people visiting this land during these times can get to see a complete a new side to the region.

Here are top tips for traveling during the month of Ramadan.

1. Learn the basics


Ramadan is known to be lunar month which is dedicated to fasting which is known to be one of the five pillars of the religion Islam. Right from sun-up to sun-down, the faithful devotees usually abstains from food, drink, tobacco as well as sex to effectively concentrate on proper spiritual renewal. After sunset, one and all indulge in iftar which is known to be a sunset meal to break the fast and then it is followed by a very late night suhoor which is known as a pre-dawn meal. Ramadan is certainly not about the daytime, nightly parties as well as discipline. People usually believe in generosity or charity which is another five pillars of Islam. Well to be honest, fasting is not easy and people usually slow down during the day. But you will notice people going out of the way to extend kindness.

2. Plan before time

Foreign workers gather for a mass feast at the end of the first day of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan in Riyadh

Well like any holiday, Ramadan affects business and it is certainly not the best time to indulge in a sightseeing marathon. There are many venues which during this month operate in limited hours as well as staff. Try to book accommodation early as well as the transport and tours before arriving. Moreover plan your meals in the daytime in advance. The food options during daytime become limited during this time as there are limited numbers of restaurants. The best option is packed lunches and also makes sure to eat in private. Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you. Most importantly remember that alcohol is also not be available anywhere not in the evening.

3. Bring in shift in the schedule

Ramadan is all about nightly festivals. The traditions usually vary from region to region and everyone breaks fast usually iftar at sundown then the people indulge in socializing with friends and family which is followed by late meal, the suhoor.
In the country Morocco, the streets are usually alive with music, displays and usually offer sweets at every corner. In Turkey, the life is pretty much the same and cheap foods are offered covering pavements as well as parks. Again in the Gulf States, glamorous Ramadan Tents are popular places where people spend nights snacking, smoking shisha as well as playing games. In fact non-Muslims join in iftar as well as hang out in the tents until late nights.

4. Learn about customs and local law

Whenever you are traveling to any country, learn about the rules of traveling before you arrive as there are some countries which are strict than various others as compared to others in case of public observance. Moreover eating and drinking in front of people is often compared to be a bad form. In fact it is also better to dress conservatively during the holy month.

5. Get in the Ramadan Fever


This month is the time of great hospitality as well as generosity. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and accept Ramadan Sweets as well as invitations to parties as well as feasts and family gatherings. You can return the favor by gifting them boxes of food as well as practicing zakat or giving in local charity. It may take a while to get adjusted to the local rhythms of the quiet days as well as staying up all nights. You may gather far more better experience if you go in the flow of the party.

So what are you waiting for, plan a holy visit to the countries celebrating Ramadan and gather a completely new and unique experience with the Ramadan fever.


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