Travel Tips for Exclusively Visiting Stockholm in the Budget Friendly Way

Well all around the world, there are several places you would love to visit. One of the favorite places in the world is Stockholm. The city has exclusive historical beauty along with the natural beauty of the exclusive archipelago along with beautiful people. Whatever you want to indulge at, there are various options right from lots of parks, bars, delicious cafes along with greatest destinations in the world.
There are lots of people who prefer to leave the city as they think it is pretty expensive. As compared to other cities around Europe, Stockholm is very much expensive. But if you are planning a visit there, you will surely need not break your budget as by doing certain simple things, you can drastically cut the expenses.
Here are some the exclusive ways in which you can plan a budget friendly to the beautiful Stockholm.
• Taking a free walking tour

Free Walking Tour


Like every other cities in Europe, you can easily get a free walking tour operated by Free Tour Stockholm. This tour can take you all around the old city (Gamla Stan) providing you history as well as context of the city. You can also take a tour of the main modern city center. Each of the tour lasts for a couple of hours.

• Reducing your food budget

Well groceries costs are pretty low here as compared to most of the cities but eating out in Stockholm is very expensive. Try to avoid eating out as much as possible. Here are few ways in which you can easily cut out your food budget. Here are ways to cut down your budget.

1. Cook: The cost of groceries in Stockholm can come at a pretty low cost of 415 SEK per week for every person, which is surely of great value when the cost of average prepared meal is around 100- 200 SEK. So it is certainly very much less expensive to cook your own food rather than eating out at the restaurants. There are various hostels which offer free pasta which will help you cut down your expense.

2. Avoid restaurants: If you want eat out, it is always better to stick to outdoor stalls right at the side of the street. There, you can get everything right from hotdogs ($3) to the Thai Food ($ 10) to even burgers ($ 10). It is certainly much more economical way to eat. Try to skip on eating out on Drottninggatan and in Gamla Stan as they are overpriced.

3. Opt for lunch buffets: Opt for lunch buffets at various local restaurants as they are budget-friendly way to eat with just the cost of 100 SEK. They are certainly the popular option with the locals and are very popular around the city. You can try out the buffet at the Hermans which costs 98 SEK. Though vegetarian, the food is very delicious and you will not care for the lack of meat.

4. Refill the water bottle: Well just a bottle of water costs about 20 SEK. There is tap water in the city which is very much safe to drink. So buy a reusable bottle and fill it.

• Make it point to visit the free parks.

The parks in Stockholm are exclusively free and in winter, you can get free ice-skating. Just breathe in the city’s beauty and wander right through the city’s beauty. My favorite parks here are Langhomen, Gärdet, Djurgarden and Ralambshovsparken. They have big open spaces where you can indulge in various outdoor activities as well as lounging around.

Three free museums – Well the museums in Stockholm are very cheap with the costing around $15 per visit but there are few that are free or offer you free hours. They include the following:
• National Library of Sweden
• Modern Museum
• The Woodland Cemetery

Keep in check with the local tourism office to see any other museums to see if they are offering free hours or exhibits. There you will get a list of it in the clear way possible.

• See the Swedish archipelago

Swedish archipelago


The Swedish archipelago is very beautiful and there are thousands of islands which adorns archipelago and you can take many tours from the city right around the day. These tours are usually expensive. If you wish to experience the archipelago then take ferries to the outer island. Make use of Waxholmsbolaget for getting the most affordable tickets. In the months of October to March, these tickets are half.

• Managing the transportation

1. Getting transportation passes: The metro tickets are costly coming 36 SEK per ticket but you can buy transportation card for just 300 SEK which is valid for nearly seven days. There are various other options to opt for. The city is excellently walkable but if you are opting to take the subway and buses then make sure to get a pass. Just use the train twice a day to get better value rather than get individual tickets.

2. Use points from hotel: If you have hotel points then just use them. Starwood, Marriott and Hilton Hotels are located all over the city with booked points. Certainly free is better than spending money.

3. Staying at Interhostel: Interhostel may not the best hostel in the city but it is certainly the cheapest and most centrally located hostel right in the city. Dorms start right at 149 SEK per night.

4. Use the proper hospitality network: Well accommodation is certainly expensive in Stockholm then you should consider and opt for Couchsurfing connecting travelers and offering a free place to stay. With this you can cut out the accommodation cost and learn the local culture.

Well visiting Stockholm certainly does not need to cancel your budget completely but there are many ways in which you can save money in this expensive city. But with proper planning, you might learn that Stockholm is the best places on earth to visit with the prices away.

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