Traveling Tips for First Time Travelers

There is lots of feeling which accompanies whenever you are travelling or planning your first trip. Traveling for the first time is surely not an easy task. You may have to compensate for the lack of preparedness. From being completely clueless, you may learn certain nooks as well as guides of traveling to this exclusive travel destination.

Here are some travel tips which would help first time travelers plan an exclusive trip to your favorite destination.

Never be Scared

Fear is a powerful detergent but taking the big leap into the unknown is not an easy task but always remember you are not the first person to travel the world. The places you are visiting have been discovered previously with uncharted territories.

In each and every place, you are visiting there is well known travel trail as people help you to guide along the way. There are millions of people making their way around the world every year and you can also.

Do not religiously follow the guidebook



Guidebooks are often useful when getting a general overview of destination but you can never find the off beaten path bars, restaurants and attractions in them. Connect with the locals to know what is trending right now. Ask travelers for recommendations.

People are certainly the best resources for last minute travel information. If the guidebook is not digital then certainly it is not updated often and not up to date.

Do not rush but take it slow

It is certainly tempting to see it all once and all with limited time as we are trying to squeeze everything say for example rushing through 20 cities in just 20 days. Never think that you can visit 100 countries in just few days.

Never rush your trip. Just make time so that you can spend a relaxing day right in the park or sitting in a café with people watching. Indulge in the culture.

Getting people’s contact information

You will surely make a lot of friends right on the road. Remember that some of them will surely be lifelong friends. Sometimes you are unable to get the contact information which makes you regret it forever. So get the people information correct and never let them fade away into memory.

You certainly do not need a lot of gear



Certainly when you are planning a trip, you surely must bring a bag full of stuff like hiking boots, fleece jacket, pants along with too many clothes and toiletries.

So the lesson is packing light. You will have to carry less so buy a small bag so that you are not tempted to pack each and everything. If you really need something then it is best to pick up as something goes.

You will certainly not everything you pack.

Getting a phone

Cheap phones as well as SIM cards are always available worldwide. If you can invest in one, you can easily stay in touch with your new friends. In fact a phone can be helpful in various ways.

Cheap phones as well as SIM cards are available worldwide. Just invest in one and create new friends. Each and every updates can be kept in track with the right phone.

Keep up with the flow

Never plan too much. If each and every day of the travel is properly planned out with the entire time table scheduled out then you will be too stressed with no experience to enjoy happy hours of travelling.

Put some flexibility right into your schedule and just keep up with the flow. Planning one or two activities will surely bring surprise making it a more enjoyable one with being it less stressful.

Keeping in extra money with you

Travel is certainly not as costly as one thinks. You can easily travel through Asia on just $15 a day or Europe just $ 40 a day but there are always certain unexpected expenses.

You will never be planned out for all the disasters or any itinerary changes. Always remember that no matter how well you plan there will always be something which will always come up throwing you out of budget.

Take more money than you think will be needed.

Never be shy

Never be shy when you are visiting a place and do not worry about what people think. It surely takes time to talk to strangers but remember is in the same boat. There are various solo travelers who are looking for friends.

Remember you make the first approach “hello” and each and everything will surely fall into place. Join people’s drinking game as well as conversation at hostels. Making new friends will surely make you better at conversation.

Try to be adventurous


Some challenges are always fun and you will surely enjoy these challenges. Yes you may not like sports but you certainly would not regret trying out new things.

Take the example of jumping off the boats in the Galápagos or loving the canyon swing. Challenging yourself will bring in store for you some exclusive attractions.

Take risks and try out new things will surely joyful and a fun experience. Yes it is true that you will hate some but surely would not regret any. You will feel much more self confident.

Take Rest in between

If you do not like travelling then it is not fun then take rest. Spending a few days at leisure will surely give you rest and relax. If you hate travel then just go back home, as it is surely not a shame.

It is always better to try and surely never fail. You are never struck with your decision to travel.

You are Never Alone

You are never alone as there will be a network of travellers who will always be your friend who will guide and give you the right direction. That is the reason why it is always better to make friends as while you are travelling

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