Ways in Which you Can Tackle Loneliness While you are Traveling

Well the idea of travelling solo is often connected with thoughts of loneliness as we humans thrive in the company of others as traveling is no exception. While you are traveling on road, loneliness can certainly strike at various unlikely moments right on the road.

Take the example when you see some couple activities on the road. You may feel lonely seeing that sight. In fact stings of loneliness may certainly strike at any moments. Well there are no definite remedies to the aliment but certainly there are certain things which help you wriggle the way out of the feeling of being alone.

Go online

Well the world is virtually connected which is why it is impossible to feel lonely. You can always enable some form of internet right on the phone or choose to stay at a place with free WiFi discovering something amazing taking loneliness out of the travels. Log on to Twitter or Facebook or connect with the world to share your thoughts and stay in touch with life.

Getting in touch with family or friends

Well family and friends are always there for you. Few minutes conversation will surely make you realize why are on your own right in the first place. Right during day, make some small talk not with some real reason for calling. The more you talk the more you feel lonely.

Feel free to talk to Local

Feel free to talk to Local


We often travel to lesser-known destinations and there have times when you will not meet fellow travelers for days. Meet your curiosity about the various lifestyles of the local people striking conversations which anyone can find. In most cases, these conversations can mature into friendships dissolving various elements of loneliness right into the thin air. A smile is an easy topic to break right into the ice.

Listen to music which can be soul changing



Music can be unbelievably therapeutic right on road and it is certainly best to avoid familiar music which is associated with another time and place.  Set out on a solo holiday by setting the right music on your phone along with building new associations between places which one have not seen before or the songs which one have not heard before. In fact when you have returned home and you listen to that music then you think about your solo travel over and over again.

Opt for physical exercises like run

This one is more based in science rather than in experience, Running or any other form of physical activity can release endorphins right into the body, which is a scientific way of putting your mind at ease with various happier feelings. In fact you can also discover something unusual in unknown place which will make your journey more successful.

Try something you’ve never done before.

Trying something new for the first time can give you real pleasure. It is essential ingredient to make trip memorable and much more when you are traveling solo. Difficult not visited places in the world can give you the real thrill with your spirits soaring high. Dealing with solitude does not even fit scene.




Words are undoubtedly a woman’s best friend. You do not have to a writer or a poet in order to express yourself in words. As cheesy as it may sound, keeping an online or offline journals of your travels can help you to focus on the positives as much as possible. Write about various things which have amazed you along with the people you have met and the joy of traveling somewhere no one really knows about you. By the time you get home, you will have memories to last till lifetime.

Plan your next trip

Last but not the least, to feed your wanderlust, what you could do is travelling all by itself. This certainly includes planning a trip to a place which is unheard or not visited. Escape to a place where there are legends which have passed down verbally right among locals about which even locals knows less. This might not be everyone’s idea of travel and indulge it till it excites you making you forget the woes of solo traveler.

As it is well said some wise people, some experiences are best experienced alone. Traveling to some hidden undefined places will again surely help you gather some pleasurable experiences which can give you a bagful of memories which are much more worthwhile and helps to fight off the feeling which is commonly associated with traveling. So next time, you are planning a trip to the hidden corner of the world, make sure that you are traveling alone so as to gather the most memorable experiences along with relinquishing the feeling which is commonly associated with traveling alone.

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