What to Pack When you are Traveling to Costa Rica

Well if you can feel the real adventure in your pulse with an exclusive jungle picture. Just picture the scene, that there is small twilight light peeking through the wide-spread jungle canopy illuminating in the jungle floor in shades of light. Right on a tree branch is beautifully colored frog which sits on a big leaf camaflouging with its surroundings. Be careful while walking on the shallow mud of the Sarapiqui Rainforest with rain running down your face.

Costa Rica is known to be one of biologically one of the most diverse countries in the world with each and every thing added to its list right from dangerous volcanoes, exclusive yet unique wildlife with untouched rainforests and clear pristine beaches. You can surely gather a lifetime of memories which can surely be heightened if packed properly. Otherwise the situation can be difficult and you may end up getting wet or worse feeling hot or cold. Be rest assured as we will surely not let that happen. Here is our predefined list of important essential pack list which will surely help you enjoy a marvelous holiday in Costa Rica.

Putting in the right clothes

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Though Costa Rica is a very small country but its exclusive and diverse landscape along with climate makes you pack for each and every occasion. There is diverse contrast between jungle life as well as beach life. You can surely take a couple of shorts along with swimming gear as well shirts for the beach life along with a long pair of trousers for evenings. While for the jungle life, hiking pants along with loose comfortable track pants are perfect with good socks. The trek through the jungle is quite extra ordinary if walking through rain or crossing a stream

Well taking the right pair of socks is absolutely nothing without taking the right and appropriate pair of footwear. You should positively take the right walking shoes whenever you are planning a trip to Costa Rica. Make sure that shoes you are about to wear; break them before the trip unless you want the first day to shed various layers of skin right from your heel.

Life does not stop while you are on road

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One of the exclusive things about travel is certainly the idea that you say goodbye to all the hassles of your everyday life and locking the front door head right o the airport. But make sure that you do not entirely overlook your day to day administrative work while you are traveling like most importantly money.

Like when you are traveling to Costa Rica, you certainly need debit as well as credit card but most importantly need cash to sustain you for many days. Make sure to pack your passport, entry visa, vaccinations certificates along with your airline tickets as without these you would not go very far. Make sure you have a photocopy of these while you are traveling

Prepare for any sort of situation

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Costa Rica has various comforts of home provided in all the luxurious hotels situated in all the popular tourists centers. But Costa Rica is still a developing country and you should prepare for anything that goes wrong. For the jungle as well as the hilly terrain, pack a good first-aid kit. One of the medicines which are very much required here are excess supply of anti-diarrhea medicines for any sort of stomach upset. To escape the harmful bacteria, take adequate amount of antibacterial wipes along with hand sanitizers.

Moreover Costa Rica has a fragile ecosystem which is why you should bring biodegradable toiletries which can be properly disposed. Again it is needless to say that when you are visiting a place like Costa Rica, you should carry proper travel insurance otherwise you may suffer from serious medical expenses.

The much required electrical equipments

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Well you will certainly not escape a big dangerous animal with just a rubber stress ball or just a small paper knife but while packing for Costa Rica, you should keep some resources which will provide electricity as at some places electricity is certainly not an option. That is the reason why you should pack a headlamp which will provide the right light for the trails of the Sarapiqui Rainforest along with a flashlight as well as an alarm clock which has numerous batteries. Again since the region is covered with tropical forest, you should take an insect repellent along with a large bottle of water with a Spanish book for communicating with the locals.

Be ready for the weather of Costa Rica

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Last but not the least is the most important one that is to be ready for the weather in Costa Rica. Well the weather in Costa Rica is certainly not favorable. You should be prepared as it may rain a lot in Costa Rica but also for a sunblock, sunglasses or a hat right in your backpack. Moreover carry a waterproof jacket with a rain-proof cover along with a fleece top. While you are on a trip, you would certainly want to get soaked in the rain along with your backpack smelly rainy and mouldy.

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the exclusive yet beautiful places on the planet. It certainly has it all to offer right from nature, beaches, and wildlife with friendly and cooperating people as well as most enjoyable hike. But certainly such varied landscape offers tough challenges so carefully think what you are putting right in your bag.

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