Where to Spend Chinese New Year Outside China in 2016

Welcome the Year of Monkey this February with colour and merriment and don’t be depressed if you are away from China as same fun and frolic can be experienced at China Towns all around the world. After 8th Feb event celebrations would last still Annual Lantern Festival. Let’s have a look at some key spots where Chinese New Year would be celebrated in full flavour.


If you are in London around the first 2 weeks of February, you can witness the biggest show of extravaganza outside Asia where a considerable number of Chinese immigrants make it a point to leave no slackness regarding the festive spirit of New Year Celebrations, even thousand miles away from China.

New Year Celebrations in london

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Centred around China Town, colourful processions lead through Shaftesbury Avenue ending up with dragon and lion dances on Trafalgar Square.

  • Trafalgar Square Concert: This iconic landmark would witness beautiful performances by music bands and musicians.
  • Main Attractions of Gerard Street: A good news for all visitors as very few places on earth can compete with such show of colour and music at once.
  • Wong Kei,the Foodies Paradise: Although there are numerous Chinese restaurants in Central London but none can match wanton noodle soup and world class service at Wardour St. Just classic fare and unmatched one too.

New York

Booming China Town of Manhattan may be the most iconic one around the world. But over the years Queens, Flushing has turned up as one of the biggest ethnically diverse places in New York having a considerably large population of East-Asian immigrants. Along with Chinese, Koreans too join in making Chinese New Year festival a hit throughout late into night.

Multihued dragon working watchers along Mott Street

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  • Temple Bazaar at Flushing Town Hall: After you attend the party-scene of Chinese New Year parade you may indulge into some arty affairs at traditional Bazzar or fair set up at Flushing Town Hall. Enjoy performing artists along with sampling Chinese handicrafts.
  • Key Sights at Junction of 39th Avenue and Main Street: Brilliant and brash parade ends up at intersection of Central China Town.
  • Visit the Food Court at New World Mall: Want to dig into sumptuous traditional Chinese dishes, come at this food court set up at basement area, just the corner of Roosevelt and Main. Best shot will be the combination of pickeled green bun with pork belly of Xiao Yuan Huang.


Far to the south-east of globe, residents of Melbourne’s China Town certainly know how to celebrate the Chinese New Year with elegance comprising of an array of cultural events, for full 2 weeks. Parties begin on 6th Feb and ends on 21st Feb.

  • Awakening Ceremony of Dragon: An outstanding Dragon is set up at Little Bourke Street which starts with the parade procession at 10 am in the morning and ends up at 10 pm.
  • Visit the Melbourne Zoo: Celebrate the Year of Monkey with special permission provided by the Zoo authority this year to its enclosure of Squirrel Monkey. Make the most of this lifetime opportunity and get clicked with them too.
  • ShanDong MaMa, Key Foodie Spot: Outstanding mackerels and dumplings are waiting for you to be tasted at ShanDong MaMa located at the arcade area.

San Francisco

Celebrated China Town of San Francisco is the oldest one in USA, dating back to 1848 and the Chinese New Year Celebration comprises of one of the most unique features where tradition meets with Western glitz. Enormosity of the Annual Parade is just awesome.

Chinese New Year festival in San Francisco

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  • The Dragon Gate: Chinese New Year celebration will be really hectic in San Francisco. For the first timer though Dragon Gate at Bush Gate will be the best shot. Neighbouring streets are decorated with lanterns and many other decorative elements.
  • House of Nanking, your Gourmet Spot: There is no dearth of outstanding Chinese food fare in San Francisco and among them one particular dish of Sesame Chicken is just lip-smacking at the House of Nanking. However also take help of your specialist chef there and see what surprises out of kitchen are there.

Kuala Lumpur

The massive Chinese population at Malaysian capital makes it sure that the place near Petronas Tower turns up as Mini China as national holidays are declared for 8 and 9th Feb.

  • Events Performed at KLCC: Retail stores and malls are a hit in Malaysia and how can they ignore the grand event of Chinese New Year. Throughout this phase KLCC organises grand dragon and lion dances.
  • Shops and Food Stalls of Petaling Street: This old school strip area is beamed with huge crowd but it is worth braving for the love of good food and wonderful Chinese crafts.
  • Jalan Alor and Sticky Chicken Wings: Bukit Bintang is home to some wonderful Chinese restaurants and Wong Ah Wah’s sticky chicken recipe is just heavenly.
  • Chinese New Year Parade: Coming 20th Feb will see hundreds of floats and other attractions parading along the edge of China Town and expect somewhere between 3 million people to gather there. Thus to ensure an uninterrupted view we would suggest to book your seat at the Bleachers, on Kearny Street. Worthy $30 per seat fee.

So out of China or not you can still spend a wonderful Chinese New Year events there. Just get to know about them. Hope my list would help you in this matter.

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