Current Top 4 Trip Literatures

Literature had a long association with tours in and away to far off places. Here I have selected top 4 current literatures that would transport you to some far away land.

i)    ‘Confession of the Lioness’: Writer Mia Couto
Man-eater lionesses are targeting the ladies of a remote Mozambique village and this compelling novel would provide a real life picture of the place.

Confession of the Lioness

ii)     ‘Flood of Fire’: Writer Amitav Ghosh
Story backdrop is the bitter fought Opium War (1839-42) between China and imperialist Britain and Ghosh did a splendid job to give life to various characters and countries.

Flood of Fire

iii)      ‘The Oregon Trail’: Writer Rinker Buck
Now this is an interesting journey detail of a 21st century American traveler Rinker Buck, who recounts his love for a slow    exploration of his country. A mule-pulled box wagon following the Oregon Trail, from Missouri to Pacific Ocean; would give a blended feeling of bygone era and current times.

The Oregon Trail

iv)     ‘The Good Shufu’: Writer Tracy Slater
This is an interesting cross-culture memoir by Bostonian Tracy Slater who wed a Japanese while on an English teaching     assignment and became a ‘shufu’ or a traditional housewife.

The Good Shufu

The books are grand delights for novel and tour lovers. Hope the novels would inspire you to take more such trips inside the unfathomable stretches of the unknown.

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