Golden Silence on the Silver Island

Argironisos is a placid island off the coast of Greece which is nicknamed as the ‘Silver Island’ for its exquisite silver sands. Originally serving as a private island that included luxurious private resort and a helipad, the Silver Island is now serving as a peaceful yoga retreat. It allows for a maximum of 10 guests and the resort has a white yoga shala where it is practiced twice a day. Meditation site is perched upon a height from where serene sight of sunrise is visible. The yoga retreat is run through a balance between man and nature. Some tourists may find a long list of ‘things not allowed’ to be annoying. The list is as followed:

  • Credit cards.
  • Mosquito repellants that contain deet.
  • Shampoos and soaps.
  • Electric equipments.
  • Laptops.

The resort provides biodegradable repellants, soaps and shampoos. As you do not have an internet connection there, you do not need a laptop.

Silver Island

Other than yoga, there are plenty of opportunities for hobnobbing with nature like that of walks by the circuitous paths, kayaking in the pinkish waters during sunrise and swimming in the phosphorescent sea.

A natural paradise

In real words the ‘Silver Island’ is a natural paradise with mountains peeping out behind an azure sheet of molten sapphire and there are wildflowers growing around the olives. Amazing diversity of flora and fauna; there is an amazing variety of lizards, butterflies, owls, geckos, hens, seagulls, monk-seals, dazzling ranges of flora and around 2,500 olive trees.

How to reach?

You need a 3 hours bus trip from Athens; next is a ferry-ride to reach Oreoi and last is a 20-minutes speedboat ride to the island.


The resort is operated from April to October and the tutor changes with every week. Per week fare is $1,100 and return transfer up to Oreoi.


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