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Paris Attack: What a joyful Friday Night Turned Into

Friday night is usually the day of complete celebration and rejoicement for each and every one of us. 13th November 2015 was just like a usual Friday in the city of Paris at Stade de France which was hosting the international friendly match between France and Germany. Just 20 minutes into the match, a sudden bombing created a sense of panic and fear among each and everyone present right at the stadium. That was just the beginning of the night of horror at Paris.

The background of the attack dates back to October 2015 when French aircraft hit targets in Syria. These Syria wars were the reason with ISIS claiming the full responsibility of the attacks of November 2015.

That was moved to Central Paris, where attackers opened fire in Rue Bichat at Petit Cambodge Cambodian restaurant and the Le Carillon bar located just on the other side of the road. 15 people compromising of dinners who were enjoying their Friday night out lost their lives. This statistics is certainly not complete as series of attacks even followed after that disturbing the serene air of one of world’s most visited tourist spot Paris.

The location of the fourth attack was Rue de la Fontaine au Roi where terrorists opened fire on diners killing five people. Then 19 people were gunned down when the terrace on La Belle Equipe bar in Rue de Charonne.

Last comes the major and the most deadly attack at the Bataclan concert venue in Boulevard Voltaire. Here nearly 89 people lost their lives when gunmen clad in black gunned down people with AK-47s.

At the concert, the people were watching Eagles of Death Metal which a popular US rock group playing nearly 1,500 people.

What really should be pondered upon is what the outcome of all these terror attacks is seriously?

If the results were to be deaths of innocent lives then


If the results were to be loss of loved ones then


Loss of innocent lives is never what anybody wants. Those people who were killed were celebrating Friday with honest intention of joy and fun certainly without any harmful intention. Terrorism is feared by all of us never wanted.

Two of the places where the attack took place are two most popular places in France. Stade de France is the national stadium of France; the stadium will proudly host some of the UEFA Euro 2016 matches including the final. Similarly the Bataclan theatre is the legendary place of Rock Music in Paris.

If this fear, attacks and terrorism continues, the world will lose its sanity, harmony and much acquired peace. Surely that is not desirable. So why Fear? Why Terror? Stop Terrorism and spread the message of love and peace and LET’s Make This World A Better Place.

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